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Why people love Kaohsiung

Published 375 days ago
The child had a great time! Buying three full tickets is 25 yuan cheaper than buying on-site, which is a bargain! However, the child is only two years old, and the people at the scene said that you have to buy a half ticket to board! It is not the same as the free ride written on the website! I was puzzled, so I bought a half-ticket for 30 yuan
Published 336 days ago
On rainy days, I was worried that there was no place to walk the children. I didn't expect to buy a ticket for 50 yuan directly at Klook, and just redeem it at the ticket office to play. It's really convenient and cheaper! The protective measures also pay attention to safety. It's really good👍
Published 281 days ago
The plan purchased this time is very good value. In addition to the ticket, it also includes DIY. The children have a good time at Fulemeng (you don’t want to go home 😅), the space is spacious and not crowded, and the parents can be free to accompany them. There is a sense of pressure, and the toilet is super clean (this is very, very important 😄)
Published 108 days ago
Buying at KLOOK is cheaper than on-site, and you can exchange the Starlight Changyou coupon bracelet with your voucher. Because everyone who purchases Changyou coupons needs to be in front of the counter for the service staff to wear the wristband, it cannot be picked up by one agent, so the counter looks crowded. Every facility does not need to be queued for a long time on Sunday night, and it can be repeated many times.

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