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Why people love Taipei

Published 392 days ago
The coach is very professional, I think the whole trip is very enjoyable, from never to beginners, I think it is really a very patient and instructive coach! And the weather is super good, the summer sun is just to play with water! It is worth mentioning that the coach's photo technique is very good, gopro takes pictures at any time!
Published 335 days ago
Thanks to the professional Fan Sen team for showing us how to stand up the oars from Emerald Bay to Guihou Fishing Port. When we went to Guihou Fishing Port, we kept falling down the board and fell into the water. On the return trip, we stood and slid back naturally to watch the sunset. Suddenly, the journey ended like this.
Published 317 days ago
It's really a fun experience. The coach and other teaching assistants are very attentive in teaching and have great results, although it is very challenging to stand up. The experience location is a ten-minute walk from the MRT station. It is recommended to ride a bike or drive to the fourth parking lot to park. After the end, you are very tired, remember to add water.
Published 219 days ago
The master is very enthusiastic and professional, and will strengthen it according to the needs. After the massage, the whole image came back to life, and the feet became very relaxed like feathers. Excellent value for money, high CP value, I will definitely visit again next time I go to Taipei. 👍
Published 184 days ago
The validity period of Phoenix Crisp and Cranberry Crisp is very short, only 2/2. It is really delicious to eat Phoenix Crisp first, and then Cranberry Crisp is okay. The original flavor has a longer validity period, and it is slow to stay. Taste slowly. Buying five boxes or more of discount coupons on Klook is free of shipping, which is really a good deal.
Published 144 days ago
Enter 6Q4MFG, now earn 100 yuan, the environment is very quiet and elegant, the decoration is very comfortable and clean, the service attitude of the lady at the counter and the masseur are very good 👍, the massage therapist is also very good, the refreshment after the course is delicious, there is a chance I will want to repurchase again, and I will relieve pressure.

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