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Top sights in Fraser Island

Sitting just off the east coast of Australia is the largest sand island in the world, Fraser Island. Stretching a distance of 123km long and 22km wide, Fraser Island is the only place in the world where rainforests grow on sand dunes. Check out the handy travel guide below for a list of exciting things to do in Fraser Island!

Lake Mckenzie (Boorangoora)

Located within the Great Sandy National Park is the scenic pure water Lake Mckenzie. Also known as Boorangoora, the famed perched lake boasts of crystal clear freshwater anyone would enjoy a swim in! Other than a good swim, visitors flock to the popular Fraser Island attraction to also spend a day around the lake’s breathtaking views and relax at its white sandy beach.
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S.S. Maheno

The remnants of a World War I hospital ship that was lost in a cyclone sits today on the shores of Fraser Island. The historic S.S. Maheno, a trans-Tasman liner, was headed home to New Zealand when it was caught in a severe cyclone in 1935. The ship and the surviving crew drifted to Fraser Island’s shores three days later, and has remained there till today. Today, the rusty shipwreck remains on the island’s shores, and can only be seen by visitors from a certain distance.
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Lake Wabby

See giant sand dunes border deep green waters at Lake Wabby. Considered to be the deepest lake on Fraser Island, with a maximum depth of 12m. The lake is located within the Great Sandy National Park, situated at the eastern side of the island. Visitors will enjoy a scenic hike to the lake, and can relax with fun recreational activities like picnics and swimming once they reach the beach.
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Champagne Pools

Given its name for the frothy bubbles resulting from the crashing high tide waves, Champagne Pools are one of top places to visit Fraser Island! The scenic swimming spot is made of naturally formed volcanic rock pools that are calm during low tide and bubbly during high tide. The popular beach is located between Waddy Point and Indian Head on the eastern side of the island. Keep your eyes peeled towards the ocean and you might even see some whales swim by!
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