Klook's Virtual Tours Bring Interactive Experiences To You From Barcelona, Bali & Philippines

Klook Virtual Tours
28 May 2020
Klook Virtual Interactive Experiences

Travel the world from your home

In a world where travel is restricted, we’re bringing travel to you! With Klook’s newly introduced Virtual Interactive Experiences or VIE, we’re taking you across continents for exclusive interactive tours of famous landmarks like Casa Batllo in Barcelona and even popular filming locations like the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich, London. 
This is not your typical virtual tour; all sessions are hosted LIVE and participants will have a chance to speak directly with expert guides or animal handlers from attractions all around the world. You can even participate with a bunch of friends to share the experience together. That girls trip you were planning for Barcelona? It can still happen! 
The best news yet is that these VIE sessions are totally FREE.

Virtual Interactive Experiences with Klook

Virtual Interactive Experience Schedule Calendar
Every Saturday for the next 5 weeks we'll be streaming Facebook live from locations all over the world.
All you need to do is visit our global "Travel the World with Klook Live" events page, click that you are interested, and then watch the stream live at the scheduled time.
Live streaming events start on 30 May and run for 5 weeks!
The first virtual tour comes live to your home from Casa Batlló in Barcelona at 2pm.

Casa Batlló, Barcelona (Spain)

Casa Batllo Interactive Tour
Nestled in the heart of Barcelona, Antoni Gaudi's masterpiece is a sight to behold. Once a residential home, the spectacular House of Bones (Casa dels ossos) is now a modernist museum welcoming visitors from all around the world.
While the museum remains closed to visitors, tune in to our very first live stream on 30 May for an exclusive look with an expert guide who will be able to answer all of your questions about this modern marvel and offer some tips on building your own creative space just like Antoni Gaudi did!
Casa Battló Virtual Interactive Tour
For more information on the attraction, check out the activity page here.

Bali Safari, Bali (Indonesia)

Bali Safari Baby Komodo Dragons
With over 400 different animals living in Bali Safari's sprawling park grounds, you can be sure there's never a dull moment for the whole family.
For this live stream session, Bali Safari will introduce their baby komodo dragons in an exclusive behind the scenes interaction with these ferocious reptiles. Do they really deserve their reputation for being one of the most dangerous lizards alive? Tune in to the live stream to find out!
Bali Safari's Day Out With Baby Komodo Dragons
For more information on the attraction, check out the activity page here.

Madonna Winery Estate by Tower Tours, California (USA)

Madonna Winery Estate Tour
Napa Valley is California's own wine county with more than 400 wineries calling it home. One of these is Madonna Winery Estate which has been around since 1922!
The Bartolucci Family are the second oldest wine making family in the area and use both traditional and modern techniques to make their wines. Tune in to this livestream to discover more about what makes Madonna's wines so special and maybe pick up some wine tasting tips or two!
Madonna Winery Estate Virtual Interactive Tour
For more information on the attraction, check out the activity page here.

Cebu Safari, Cebu (Philippines)

Cebu Safari Virtual Tour Tigers
Located just an hour's drive away from Cebu City, the Cebu Safari and Adventure Park is one of the city's newest attractions and also home to one of the longest ziplines in the country!
Cosy up to adorable critters during this livestream and learn about how they are kept entertained during this lockdown period. Our expert keepers can also answer any questions you may have about animal habits and behaviour, so drop us a question!
Cebu Safari Virtual Interactive Tour
For more information on the attraction, check out the activity page here.

Old Royal Naval College, London (UK)

Old Royal Naval College Virtual Tour
The world's most popular filming location needs no introduction. The grounds of the Old Royal Naval College in Central London have been used in many Hollywood blockbusters including Thor: The Dark World, Skyfall and The King's Speech!
Take an exclusive insider look into the sprawling complex and try to spot familiar sites featured in your favourite movies. Curious about the history of the Old Royal Naval College? Drop us your questions and tune in to find out!
Old Royal Navy College Virtual Interactive Tour
For more information on the attraction, check out the activity page here.

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