Dear Travel, We Miss You

Lindsey Steele
Lindsey Steele
31 Mar 2020
Traveller writing in diary
Hey travel, you might be wondering where we’ve been and why we’ve had to postpone our trips, well, it’s what they keep calling “unprecedented times”, we are confined by four walls, planes are grounded and we’re trying to keep each other safe, and right now you’re not essential. But don’t worry we have a plan, soon we'll be with you again, exploring new countries, eating new foods, meeting interesting new people 🌏✈️
They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, but everyday we find ourselves suffering more and more with a serious case of wanderlust (You always want what you can’t have, right?). We are finding ways to cope though, we read books of adventure and faraway lands, we've started to video call with friends all around the world (they send their love too) and some of us have even started to learn new languages.
I guess I am just writing to tell you that we haven’t forgotten you, in fact the thought of being with you again is what is getting myself and a lot of other people through this tough time. Thoughts of...
...being in the mountains ⛰
...swimming in warm seas 🏊‍♂️
...and eating foreign foods 🍜
is everything right now! 
In the meantime, we will find enjoyment in #TravelFromHome, it’s not the same, but if jumping in the bath and pretending to kayak around Sweden will bring a smile to friends' and colleagues' faces, then that’s what we’ll do.
Klook UK #TravelFromHome
I know when the time to see you comes again, you’ll show us new cultures, you’ll guide us across borders and best of all, you’ll turn us into the world’s best storyteller with all our crazy adventures.