UK from France Travel: Ferry, Flights, Train and Car

Dasha Arzamaskina
Dasha Arzamaskina
26 Aug 2020
London Big Ben
We all need to “change the picture” sometimes. Fortunately for France and the UK, right across the English channel (or La Manche) a whole different culture awaits for travellers from both countries. No matter whether you are looking for a long weekend escape or if you are a foreign traveller who wants to visit both countries during one trip, this article is exactly what you need to make sure you find the most convenient route to go to the UK from France (and back again!) that suits your travel plans, time and budget. 
Here are all the ways you can get to France from the UK
  • Eurostar train
  • Ferry
  • Car
  • Plane
  • Bus

Eurostar train

From the heart of Paris to the heart of London in just 2.5 hours! This is for sure the most comfortable way to travel from France to the UK. Average price for a Paris-London ticket would be around $100-150 for the round trip. It would be safer to book in advance, because the price can vary significantly depending on the date and time slot, so check the tickets &  book now to get the best price and know there are no booking fees with Klook! Want a ready solution for a one-day trip to London? Check out our special offer with Eurostar tickets, hop on hop off bus tour and Thames river cruise for a bargain price! 
By the way, did you know that you can also take a direct Eurostar to London from Marseille, Avignon, Lyon and Lille?  Check the picture below for all Eurostar routes!
Eurostar Routes


Not the most obvious, but definitely a fun way to go from France to the UK (and vice versa) is by ferry. This is also a great way to visit less-known cities you would probably never include in your travel itinerary if not for the ferry port. Prices for the ferry start from $50 and can go up to several hundreds depending on certain routes, season, your luggage, and whether you are taking a vehicle on board. You will also need to travel to the port city first, so do not forget that part of the road when counting your travel expenses or timing plans! 
A few figures: nowadays there are 8 ports in France that are connected with 5 ports in the UK, which leads to a massive 65 ferries going between these two great countries on a normal day! Here is the list of routes you can choose from:


  • From Caen: 5 hr 45min, operated by Brittany Ferries
  • From Cherbourg: 3 hr, operated by Brittany Ferries
  • From Le Havre: 5 hr 15 min,  operated by Brittany Ferries
  • From St Malo:  8 hr 50 min, operated by Brittany Ferries
Portsmouth is the home to the Royal Navy and undoubtedly one of the most important destinations for anyone interested in naval history, so while you’re there don’t miss a chance to visit the Historic Dockyard to see iconic ships and learn more about the UK's naval glory. You can also go up 100 meters above the sea level and enjoy the view from the Emirates Spinnaker Tower


  • From Calais: 1 hr 30min,  operated by DFDS Seaways (no foot passengers) and P&O Ferries 
  • From Dunkirk: 2 hr, operated by DFDS Seaways  (no foot passengers)

Other locations:

  • Cherbourg to Poole, 4 hr 30 min,  operated by Brittany Ferries
  • Dieppe to Newhaven, 4 hr, operated by DFDS Seaways 
  • Roscoff  to Plymouth,  5 hr 30 min,  operated by Brittany Ferries 


Travelling by car gives you a lot of freedom and can be especially convenient if you are travelling with kids or pets. Obviously, there’s no overground between the UK and France, so you will need to use the same ferry or the Eurotunnel Le Shuttle train. 
To make sure that you can go to the UK by car, check in advance the UK’s requirements for vehicles and the documents you should have for it. Also, do not forget that in the UK you will need to change to the left-hand traffic, which you might need some time to adjust to. 
Not all, but most of the ferries allow travelling with your own vehicle (moreover, on some routes foot passengers are not allowed), so if you choose this type of transport, make sure you know the check-in rules. Most likely there is a set location in the terminal and you have to arrive there in advance. Price for the ferry trip varies a lot depending on the ferry type and your car size, but most likely would cost you about $150. 
Eurotunnel Le Shuttle will be a lot quicker: in just 35 minutes you will travel from Calais to Folkestone. Price per car starts from $37 (but the most frequent rate would be closer to $100) and you will need to stay in the car through the whole trip, whereas on the ferry you can get out & walk around or make the most of the cafe on board.


Of course, you can travel from France to the UK by plane. There are direct flights from Paris, Marseille, Nice, Grenoble and many more French cities, operated by multiple airlines, including the lowcosters. Most popular Paris -London flights will take you from one capital to another in just over 1 hour, Paris to Edinburgh will take just under  2 hours, and the prices vary depending on the airline - from $50 to several hundred. But if you are lucky enough to catch a ticket on a promo day or during a sale, it can be even cheaper. 


Bus may not be the most comfortable option, but it’s definitely the cheapest one. So if you want to save up for your adventures in the UK and haven’t got hold of any sale  tickets for the ferry or plane, get ready for the bus trip. You will find a number of bus companies that will be happy to take you on board for $20-30. Most popular destination would be London, and you can journey there from multiple cities around France (e.g. Paris, Amiens, Lille).  
When in the UK, make sure that you don’t miss the adventures and experiences this country has to offer. Don’t forget that the best prices are waiting for you on Klook. No matter if it’s the London Eye or the Harry Potter Studio tour experience or the mystery of Stonehenge that made you think about visiting the UK in the first place, this article will help you to choose the best way of travelling there for your taste & budget.