Top 10 Klook UK FAQs 2019

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So you’ve heard of Klook UK, and you’re looking for the low-down on who Klook is, what it does and why you should care, right? Smart move. That’s why we’ve created a Klook UK FAQ summary so that you can see what the most common FAQs are for Klook UK, and save yourself valuable time that could be spent deciding which series you’re going to re-watch on Netflix!

(Pro tip: we’ve watched Luther at least a dozen times and we’re still not bored of it!)

So, here we go…

What does Klook stand for?

Great question! We love answering this, because we think it’s pretty cool, because here at Klook, we believe that life’s more exciting when you keep looking for cool new things to do, so we took that idea and combined ‘Keep’ and ‘Looking’ to create KLOOK! (In fancy talk, that’s called a portmanteau 💅🏼)

What can you do with the Klook app?

You can get a six pack and pet baby seals and save the world and and and…actually, y’know what? No. We’re not gonna do that. We’re not gonna lie. If you wanna do those things, we’re probably not the best place for you. Sorry.  But if you wanna travel to new destinations and meet local experts to experience different cultures and iconic attractions, then that’s exactly what we’re here for! From theme park tickets to cookery classes, rail passes and WiFi bundles, we’ve got everything you need to make travel easier! 

Why book through Klook and not direct with the attraction?

Because we offer you Klook exclusives! That means you get money off or you get additional experiences that are only available through Klook. 

Why are there so many negative comments on TripAdvisor about Klook?

Haters gon’ hate, yo’. Jokes. (Only kinda joking.) It’s actually a combination of the fact that haters are in fact gonna hate, and that even though we’ve had 5,000,000 reviews (and 93% of them are 4.5/5!) we’re not 100% perfect, so if you have an issue or a bad experience, our customer support team are right here to help you out! 

Does Klook do flights and hotels as well?

No. Or at least not yet, but could you imagine if we did? We’d be like the Megazord of travel! If you’re too young to remember the Megazord, then just imagine if Iron Man and Captain Marvel and the Hulk all teamed up to make one giant Avenger, and it’s basically that. But cooler, because it’s the Megazord.

Are the tickets legitimate?

Legitimate like a…erm…what’s a legitimate thing? A lawyer? No, too boring. Erm…ah, never mind – yes, they’re legitimate. Just ask the 60,000,000 people who’ve already booked with us this year!

Why don’t you have this thing I really want to do on Klook?

Basically, because we’re not perfect. But we can change…honest…it’ll be different this time. Woah – needy alert! OK, so maybe it won’t be that different, but if there’s something you want to see hosted on our platform, then drop us a note on Facebook, and we’ll get right on it!

My mate Dave says I shouldn’t trust booking tickets on my phone, is Dave right? 

Is this the same Dave who says that aliens built the Eiffel Tower and that the moon and the sun are actually the same thing because you never see them at the same time? Yeah, we know Dave, and y’know what? It’s your call.  

What’s different about Klook vs its competitors? 

Well the name for starters. I mean, c’mon – it’s chalk and cheese! And then there’s the logos, right? I mean, orange vs…red…vs…pinky coral-y colour? Totally different! …ahem. But if you want actual tangible differences, then you could take the words of industry experts, TravelDaily who said that the Klook app is “the easiest to use and unmatched in the tour description depth and detail”. Which basically means that with Klook you get a better idea of exactly what you’re booking (which we think is pretty important!) We also think the fact that you can do everything in our app, is a great thing – including things like researching and booking and redemption through e-tickets too. We like to think of it as your passport to experiences that never leaves your pocket.

I only get £3 for referring a mate? Big whoop.

Sigh. Y’know, Monty Python once said ”there’s no pleasing some people.” But seriously, lemme ask you – how many mates have you got? Hhhmmm, a bit personal? Well, maybe. But I only ask because my mate Barry (we call him Baz) has got 90 mates, so even if he only gets half of them to sign up – even the weird guy from darts club – then he’s still made…profit. And even if you invite a few mates and they don’t sign up, then like Monty Python said: “you’ve come wiv nufink, you’re going home wiv nufink – what’ve you lost? Nufink! Cheer up, you old bugger!