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    Matt Olivares
    Matt Olivares
    Last updated 15 Mar 2023
    the Ride NYC tour bus parked on a street in New York at night
    What do you think of when you hear “New York?” For us, we think about several of the globe’s most famous landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Central Park, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We think of movies like When Harry Met Sally and Inside Llewyn Davis, the long lines along Broadway for musicals like Wicked and Hadestown, and the vibrant and colorful LED screens all over Times Square.
    Perhaps you think of similar things as us when you hear “New York.” The Big Apple is a nickname that truly fits this world famous city. It is massive and filled to the brim with a wide variety of things to do, attractions to visit, shows to watch, side streets to discover, hidden gems to uncover, and more!
    If you don’t know where to start, Klook recommends that you take a bus tour for a general overview of the city and to see which areas you’d like to explore more later on foot. And for us, there’s nothing better than The Ride NYC Bus Tour!

    Cruise the streets of New York through The Ride NYC Tour

    The Ride NYC Bus Tour is a New York bus tour unlike any other! The tour’s objective is to not just give you glimpses of what you can find and see when exploring the city, but also to drive home that the city is a spectacle! This is reflected in the bus’ floor-to-ceiling windows and seats reminiscent of those in stadiums and arenas. 
    passengers enjoying the view from inside The Ride NYC Tour Bus
    As the bus cruises around the metropolis’ Midtown area, you’ll see the numerous LED screens adorning the buildings of Times Square, the Grand Central Terminal, the Art Deco facade of the looming Chrysler Building, and a whole lot more! You’ll pass by enough landmarks that you’ll surely want to revisit the ones you’ll see here on foot later during your stay in the city.
    The city’s attractions aren’t the only things that make it so special. Its lively people also contribute to the Big Apple’s grandeur. During this tour, you will pass by numerous live street performers ready to put on quick shows for The Ride NYC Tour Bus passengers, from graceful ballet dances and bombastic hip-hop performances, to poetic rap demonstrations by some of the local street rappers!
    a street performer with an umbrella in NYC
    Accompanying you and your fellow riders inside the bus are award-winning hosts who specialize in improvisation. Throughout the ride, they will entertain you with their exciting stories about the city as well as provide engaging, hilarious commentary about what you will see during the tour. The best thing about this is that the hosts’ performances are unique and will depend on what’s going on in the city during the day of your tour, so each ride is dynamic and won’t be the same as another.

    The Ride NYC Tour Bus Safety Guidelines

    passengers of The Ride NYC celebrating the tour inside the bus
    The Ride NYC Bus Tour in New York is more than just a tour. It’s also an entertainment experience for the ages that doesn’t just involve sightseeing and the improv hosts. It has state-of-the-art features such as shaking floors, sound effects, flashing lights, and more. Given this, this tour is not recommended for those:
    • Who are prone to motion sickness, seizures, and dizziness
    • Sensitive to strobing and flashing lights as well as loud sounds
    • And those with heart conditions, high blood pressure, and physical conditions related to the back, neck, and mobility
    Passengers must also present proof of vaccination before entering and they must wear face masks for the entire duration of The Ride NYC.

    Book It, Klook It!

    an NYC rapper performing for The Ride NYC
    Klook offers 75-minute tour passes for The Ride NYC Bus Tour. It’ll be valid on the date you selected for your booking and can be used on any one of the time slots indicated. We recommend that you ride The Ride at 19:00 or 19:15 to see New York City illuminated by vibrant lights!
    Once you make your booking, make sure to print your voucher. This needs to be presented to the bus staff at the meet up location, which is in front of Patrick’s Restaurant along W 42nd Street. You can’t miss it because you’ll see a bus with THE RIDE written on the side.

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