Re-Discover The Magic At Disneyland Paris In Winter

5 May 2020
Whether you’re a Disneyland debutant who wants to experience the magic for the first time or a Disney super-fan who wants to go again and see what’s new, read on to discover the magic that is Disneyland Paris in winter 2019-20. 
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Frozen: A Musical Invitation
Disneyland Paris in winter just wouldn’t be right without our favourite Ice Queen and her sister! Starting on the 17th November 2019, guests can be transported straight into the kingdom of Arendelle through the new interactive Frozen adventure where you’ll be able to meet and play with all of your favourite characters! 
Firstly, get involved in a sing-along about how much you prefer reindeer over people (don’t worry, it’s OK to know all the lyrics off by heart!) with Sven and Kristoff, then learn the moves to a magical dance when Anna joins the fun. Guests will then have to battle Elsa’s winter storm to get to her Ice Palace at the peak of the North Mountain, where you’ll get to surprise the queen herself with a sing-along of “Let It Go” and “Love Is An Open Door”.
On top of this, your favourite talking snowman is now giving out warm hugs to all his friends, so head over to the park to meet Olaf too!
Christmas at Disneyland Paris this Winter
Some people say that real Christmas magic can only be found at Disney, and this year the Disneyland Paris Christmas celebrations run all the way from the 9th November to the 6th January, when the park is full of even more magic than usual and is well and truly decked out in its festive finery.
There are Christmas outfits on all our favourite characters and a giant Christmas tree which lights up the sky when it’s turned on every night (from the 15th of November) by all of Disney’s royal couples, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and Santa himself! 
Dancing sugar canes and gingerbread men add to the festivities of the Christmas Parade, and the merry moves continue in the Disney Princesses’ Starlit Princess Waltz – the royal Christmas ball which runs from the 15th November to 5th January and is the biggest-ever gathering of Disney royal couples.
You can even see in 2020 in true Disney style this winter at Disneyland Paris’ New Year’s Eve Party, where, for one night only, all Disney attractions stay open until just after midnight on the 31st December 2019!
Frozen Celebration
Finally, from the 11th January to the 3rd May, Disneyland Paris is welcoming Queen Elsa and Princess Anna to the park in true Arendelle style with loads of winter festivities. 
A new ‘Frozen’-themed show will be put on four times a day along the parade route, featuring everyone’s favourite characters alongside Disney’s amazing dancers and acrobats, and a brand new sparkling float that’s themed around Elsa’s Ice Palace!
There will also be themed drinks and treats around the parks, plus ‘Frozen’-themed souvenirs, and finally the addition of Anna and Elsa’s adventures coming to life with the Disney Illuminations nighttime spectacular! 
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All things considered, there are loads of reasons to discover (or re-discover) Disneyland Paris in winter, so why not treat your family, friends, and loved ones to an experience they’ll never forget at the most-visited theme park in Europe.
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