New To Klook – October 2019

14 Mar 2020
Here at Klook, we want to make travel as convenient and as exciting as possible. The way we see it, is why should you have to look on one site for sports tickets and another site for food tours and another for…guided ghost walks?
Answer? You shouldn’t! That’s why we’re always updating our list of experiences and travel activities to give you more choice of what to do while you’re off exploring. But with over 100,000 experiences to choose from, where do you start?
We thought we’d make it a little easier by giving you a glimpse of some of Klook’s newest experiences, so that you can be the first to wow your mates with the latest cool things to do this winter. So here’s what’s new to Klook, just for you…

London’s Cheese Crawl

OK, now don’t let the title mislead you – this experience does not (have to) involve crawling through cheese (though we totally would)! This is a cultural sojourn for all those who delight in dairy delicacies. From English blue and pizzas made with prosecco cheese, to rich stilton and baked camemberts, you’ll get to taste them all on this London Cheese Crawl. Think you’re ready to go ‘full cheese’? Just click the link and dive right in, you cheese chum 👉 🧀

New to Klook UK - October 2019 London Cheese Crawl

Champions League Football Tickets

Mad about Man City? Here you go:
Barcelona’s biggest fan? We got you:
Or if you’re a fan of footy in all its forms, then take a look at Liverpool leading the way into the Champions League, or pick up tickets to see Tottenham taking 2020 to new heights!

New to Klook UK - October 2019 Barcelona

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights Bus Tour in New York

Nothing will get you into the Christmas spirit like witnessing the Big Apple burst into life and light in a dazzling spectacle of festive fun! Explore the beautifully-decorated neighbourhoods of Dyker Heights and Bay Ridge and be mesmerised by the colourful displays and views of the iconic New York skyline!
New to Klook UK - October 2019 NYC

Snowshoeing Tour in Hokkaido

Fancy something off the beaten track? Well how about snowshoeing your way around Lake  Hangetsu which lies nestled at the foot of the majestic Mount Yotei? A place of spectacular scenery and an experience that’s sure to live long in the memorie
s for its natural beauty and sheer fun! Be the first of your friends to go snowshoeing around Hokkaido this winter:
New to Klook UK - October 2019 Hokkaido

Saint-Germain Chocolate, Pastries, and Macaron Walking Tour

We know that Paris plays home to virtually all of the finer things in life. Fine dining, high fashion, iconic arts – it has it all. But now, it’s got even more, you can be among the first to experience it! Click this link and discover Paris’ world-class Chocolatiers and confectionary cafés situated in the Saint-Germain district. Because if we’re not travelling for food, then why are we travelling at all??
New to Klook UK - October 2019 Paris 2
New to Klook UK - October 2019 Paris
There are plenty of other new to Klook additions too, but if there’s something that you want added to the platform that’s not already on there, then let us know on Facebook and we’ll get right on it!
In the meantime, Keep Looking folks…