Klook Explores – Happiness, Travel and the year ahead! 


On 20th Jan – otherwise known as the dreaded Blue Monday 😱 – we hosted our very first #KlookExplores event! 

This exclusive Klook get together was our way of bringing like-minded people together for an evening of inspiration and entertainment to start the new year kicked off on the right foot! 

For our first event, we partnered with an award-winning life coach (that’s someone who has basically nailed ‘life’ and is an actual well-rounded individual (not like us who eats Pringles by the tin and still demand a stocking at Christmas!))…ahem, sorry, where was I…? Oh yeah – life coach! Yeah, so we worked with an award-winning life coach to explore the subject of travel and happiness and how we can all get a little more out of 2020 #allthefeels 🥰 

From positive thinking to reflective meditation, life coach extraordinaire, Denise Mortimer, helped attendees come away with a pocketful of positive vibes and a plethora of practical tips on how to reach their goals, whether that be focusing on a long trip they’ve always wanted to take, getting a promotion at work, or simply finding ways to bring more positivity into their day-to-day lives. 

This was a first of its kind event and we’re already planning the next Klook Explores event, where we’ll be travelling through time, Marty McFly style, so watch this space 💫🚀

And in the meantime, here’s a little taste of what you can expect from a #KlookExplores evening…