Klook Brings You #TravelFromHome - The TV Edition

Gareth C-J
Klook UK TravelFromHome

OK, let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Firstly - there’s no elephant in the room. We’re not sure what the quarantine advice has been for elephants, but we do know that quarantine has been hard enough without having to share the (limited) space in our flat with a full grown elephant! 

Right, well now we’ve got that cleared up, we can talk about the second proverbial elephant in the room; this whole quarantine situation sucks. It’s for all the right reasons and we’re sticking to the govt’s advice, but make no mistake - it sucks. Especially for people who’ve had their travel plans postponed or their holidays cancelled. That’s a tough pill to swallow (again, proverbially!).

And while plenty of people are busy actually working from home, we understand that a sly morning off here. or a cheeky afternoon away from the laptop is the least your boss could offer to help you get over your scuppered travel plans and cancelled holidays.

So while you’re ‘Working from home’, here are a few pointers to help you stop rewatching Peep Show for the fifteenth time on Netflix, and rediscover those classic travel vibes, all from the comfort of your own couch 🤗

So without further ado; lights…💡 camera…🎥  action! 🎬

London - Top Boy (Netflix)

(or Sex Education, for something a little less...😬)

Klook UK TravelFromHome
(📸: Metro)

Paris - Midnight in Paris (Amazon Prime)

Klook UK TravelFromHome
(📸: The Independent)

Barcelona - Vicky Cristina Barcelona (Netflix)

Klook UK TravelFromHome
(📸: Medium)

NYC - Friends, Brooklyn Nine Nine or Sex and the City (Netflix)

(Basically, NYC seems to be the home of film and TV, so take your pick!)

Klook UK TravelFromHome
(📸: Newsweek)

Miami - Dexter (Amazon Prime)

Klook UK TravelFromHome
(📸: wheretraveler)

Boston - Cheers! (Amazon Prime)

Klook UK TravelFromHome
(📸: Rolling Stone)

Seattle - Frasier (Amazon Prime)

Klook UK TravelFromHome
(📸: radiotimes)

SF - Silicon Valley (Amazon Prime)

Klook UK TravelFromHome
(📸: hbo)

L.A. - Bosch (Amazon Prime)

Klook UK TravelFromHome
(📸: amazon)

Tokyo - Lost in Translation (Netflix)

Klook UK TravelFromHome
(📸: Hyde Park Picture House)

Sydney - Home and Away (Amazon Prime)

Klook UK TravelFromHome
(📸: 7News)

Hawaii - Lost (Now TV)

Klook UK TravelFromHome
(📸: IMDB)

S. Korea - Kingdom (Netflix)

Klook UK TravelFromHome
(📸: whatsonnetflix)