Get the Hollywood Treatment at these Iconic New York Film Locations

14 Mar 2020
Walking around Manhattan and its nearby neighbourhoods is a brilliant but bizarre feeling – the hustle and bustle and the sounds and smells all feel new and exotic and exciting, but the impossibly tall towers and the countless yellow cabs rushing past the red-brick houses feel foreign and yet oh so familiar.
It’s an unshakable sense of déjà vu brought on by the fact that while you might not have been here before, you’ll feel like you know it because you’ve seen so many of these places before on the silver screen.
From Ghostbusters and Gossip Girl to Hitch and Home Alone 2, NYC has been the backdrop to well over a thousand films, meaning there are near innumerable New York film locations to discover. 
But here at Klook, we want to make travel as convenient as possible for you, so rather than second-guessing where this scene was shot and where that scene might have been set, we’ve got your one-stop guide to the cool and classic of New York film locations so you can go and relive your favourite film scenes.

The Classics

The Plaza Hotel – Home Alone 2

Found at 768 5th Ave, The Plaza is where a young Macaulay Culkin holed up while his folks flew to Florida. The Plaza might have made for an unconventional child-minding option, but it’s most definitely a classic NYC holiday haunt!
Klook UK New York Film Locations
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Empire State Building – Sleepless in Seattle

It’s pretty hard to miss this one, but don’t just look up at it – book yourself a ticket and head up all 102 floors to discover the viewing deck that Meg and Tom enjoyed in the 1993 classic!
Klook UK New York Film Locations

Statue of Liberty – Titanic

Lady Liberty has had a starring role in a fair few films over the years, but few have been bigger and seen by more people than the 1997 classic, Titanic. No spoilers here, but safe to say the statue stands tall as a symbol of hope and opportunity for all who’d braved the treacherous waters to get there. Luckily for you, the Hudson River’s not known for its icebergs, so you can feel confident hopping on the boat when you’ve booked your Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and 9/11 Memorial cruise tour.
Klook UK New York Film Locations

The Quirky

Peter McManus Cafe – The Other Guys  

Want to see where Hoitz and Gamble go to drown their sorrows and sing songs steeped in rich history and culture? Head on down to 152 7th Avenue and West 19th Street and that’s exactly what you’ll find!
Klook UK New York Film Locations

New York Public Library – Ghostbusters

As well as being one of the city’s most iconic buildings, the NY Public Library (located on 5th Avenue and East 42nd Street) was also where Egon, Peter and Ray met their very first ghost. Don’t worry though – the guides you meet on the tour are much friendlier than the spectral spirit of Eleanor Twitty.
Klook UK New York Film Locations

Grand Central Terminal – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Another iconic attraction and frequent movie backdrop, Grand Central is a train station of magnificent proportions! Your guide will likely remind you that you’ve seen it get destroyed in dozens of disaster movies, but once you’re there, you can recreate the scene from the 2004 cult hit, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, by cutting a dash around the clock located in the main hall.
Klook UK New York Film Locations

The Contemporaries

Howard Gilman Opera House – The Greatest Showman

We can’t promise that you’ll be able to see Jenny Lind sing, but this spectacular opera house is well worth a trip across the Brooklyn Bridge. But don’t just skip past the bridge – book yourself onto a guided tour and discover just how much there is to listen and learn about this architectural masterpiece. 
Klook UK New York Film Locations
(source: cinema forum)

Brooklyn Bridge – Sex and the City 

Like we said, it’s impossible to just skip over the Brooklyn Bridge without touching on its stature, style and significance – especially the significance it holds for SATC’s Miranda. Fancy recreating your own romantic rendezvous? Fewer places will offer a more impressive backdrop than the arches of the Brooklyn Bridge. 
Klook UK New York Film Locations
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Rockefeller Center – Elf

When it comes to Christmas magic, Elf always hits the spot. And if you’re in need of a seasonal spark to get you into the festive spirit, then – like Will Ferrell’s lovable Elf showed us, the famous Rockefeller Christmas tree can’t fail to wow. Then again, the view from the Top of the Rock is just as impressive! Just ask your guide to show you the way to 45 Rockefeller Plaza, and prepare for some true New York magic.
Klook UK New York Film Locations
So there you have it – nine New York film locations for you to discover and use to recreate your own magical moments.
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Klook UK New York Film Locations