How to Redeem Your Klook Discount Code

Gareth C-J
Klook UK Redeem Discount Code

Fancy a pro-tip on how to use your discount code?

Ta da!

👤 Log-in to Klook

👛 Have your chosen discount code to hand

🗓 Choose your ticket and dates

🎟 Click ‘Book Now’

📝 Enter your group’s details

👇 Scroll down to Payment Type 

🏁 Enter your discount code under 'payment type' at checkout 

💳 Complete your payment details

🚀 When you’re happy, click ‘pay now’ ...and that's it - you'll be ready to head off on your next adventure ✨💫  Easy right? Right!

Klook UK Redeem Discount Code

In fact, the hardest part of using your Klook discount code, is deciding which activity to book first!

Do you discover Disney or uncover Universal? 🎡

Do you head to the Top of the Rock or hop on a heli-tour? 🚁

Do you jet out to Japan or book a weekend break in Barcelona? 🇯🇵

Luckily, in this scenario, there are no bad decisions, so perhaps "all of the above" is the best option? 🧡

Klook UK Redeem Discount Code