5 Ways to Get Your Travel Fix While Self-Isolating

Gareth C-J
Klook UK TravelFromHome

Whether it’s a weekend away camping or a fortnight in Florida, we know that having your travel plans scuppered by the current COVID-19 situation sucks. We get it and we feel your pain 💔

But we also know that there’s a way out of the pain cage we currently find ourselves trapped in - and the answer is ‘travelling’!

Woah, now - before you go and call the police on us, we’re responsible citizens so we don’t mean actual ‘ticket-booking, island-hopping, luggage packing, plane missing type travelling - oh, no. We’re talking about the 'travel from home' kind of travelling.

Y’see, like most people, we love travelling because it takes us to whole new worlds! But we can all be transported to other worlds - and even other universes! - all from the comfort of our couch. 

Don’t believe us, well read on, fellow traveller - read on…

Get lost in a book

Ready to explore the States? From East to West, Jack Kerouac’s iconic ‘On The Road’ defined an entire generation of travellers and wanderers. His words will help you wind your way from Boston to NYC and off to San Francisco in a fascinating adventure of the people we meet while on the road. 

Fancy a trip to Paris? Pick up a copy of Hemingway’s classic ‘A Moveable Feast’ and be whisked away to la belle époque in a tale that you’ll continue to feast on for years to come.

Klook UK TravelFromHome

Rustle up a brand new recipe

We know that you still dream about that Ramen you had in Tokyo 4 years ago. It could’ve been the Ramen, it could’ve been the fact that it had started storming and you'd managed to make it inside before getting washed away, or it could’ve been the saké you’d had earlier, but whatever the reason, THAT Ramen was THE Ramen for you. 

Well now, after 4 years of dreaming about it, you’ve finally got the time and the chance to have a go at making it for yourself (with juuust the right amount of garlic and ginger 👌). Give it a go and settle down and be whisked away to that very same street stall from Shibuya 🍜

Klook UK TravelFromHome

Relive your favourite travel moments 

One of the biggest parts of travelling is about picking up shots for the ‘gram. Don’t let your IG game slide this spring - get creative and recreate your favourite travel pics and brighten up people’s day with a good ol’ belly laugh!

Look at these guys - they know how to have a good time, right? ...ahem...

Klook UK TravelFromHome

Discover new music 

This one’s tricky. To get a sense of travelling the world, you’re really going to have to put the effort in. Ready? OK. Let’s do this. *cracks knuckles*

What you need to do, is log in to Spotify and - now here’s the tricky part - instead of gravitating straight to the ‘recently played’ section and swiping through an even mix of Tay Tay, Beyoncé and Toto (no? just us? Ah, awkward!), instead head down to the ‘Search’ section and scroll down until you start seeing new music! You’ll see genres like Afro and Arab and Reggae and K-Pop and Latin and and and...well, you’ll see them all! Put on a playlist and let the music transport you halfway across the world as you melt into your headphones.

Klook UK TravelFromHome


The very best part of travelling, is that it gives us all a chance to slow it down and take a breath. For half an hour a day, find a comfy spot (ideally a sun-lounger next to a pool and a bar, but a couch will do just as well!) and sit. Breathe in, breathe out and let the world melt as you take just a little bit of time to let the noise calm and let yourself drift away on an ocean of thoughts, slowly slipping over the horizon…

Klook UK TravelFromHome