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[Klook Exclusive] Ticket to Time Travel

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What to expect

With the Klook Exclusive: Ticket to Time Travel, you’ll have the opportunity to make history by being one of the first people to enjoy commercial time travel. You’ll also be able to rewrite your own personal history!

  • Dodge the now-infamous round of Christmas party shots that saw you pole dancing in Victoria bus station and avoid the ‘chat’ you had with your boss the next day
  • Sort that 70’s footballer haircut you thought looked so cool in your first year of uni, and save yourself the annual embarrassment of having it shared across Facebook. Again!
  • Take the chance to ask that special someone to be your date to the graduation dance
  • Follow your future self’s advice and book that open-ended ticket before you start your career

While changing global history is tempting, we ask all time travellers to not alter events outside of their own lives. Yes it would’ve been great if you invented Google, but don’t take that away from Sergey and Larry; that’s their ’thing’! We’ve all seen Back to the Future 2, and we all know how much fun we could have with the Grays Sports Almanac, but there are officially no almanacs allowed on this ticket. That said, if you want to visit 2015 and let your past self know that it might be worth putting £5 on Leicester to win the league, then we aren’t gonna stop you. If we could just ask you do the same for us back in 2015 while you’re there, that’d be swell!

How about experiencing the 1920s for yourself?
Or jump into the 1950s and dance to your heart's content?
Have a try if you can work one of the first computers available to the public by Time Travel to the 80s?


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