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Suwon Hwaseong Hot Air Balloon Flight Experience and Cherry Blossoms One Day Trip from Seoul by S.A Tour

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  • Hop onboard a hot air balloon in Suwon Hwaseong which takes you up to 150 meters above the ground
  • Feast your eyes on the sea of beautiful cherry blossoms in full bloom at Gyeonggi-do
  • Discover traditional Korean culture through the historial relics in the fortress of Suwon Hwaseong
  • Recognize locations as seen in the Korean dramas "Dae Jang Geum" and "Love in the Moonlight"
  • Check out more scenic Cherry Blossom tours & activities around South Korea!

What to expect

Join this trip to see cherry blossoms and other amazing views around Gyeonggi-do. Go on a 20-minute hot air balloon ride and soar over a sea of cherry blossoms. Then, after landing, have ample time to view the cherry blossoms around Hwaseong Fortress (or Suwon Hwaseong). Korean drama fans might recognize some locations of scenes from ''Dae Jang Geum'' and ''Love in the Moonlight’’! You can also have lunch or enjoy the hanbok experience (both at your own expense). End the trip with even more cherry blossom viewing around Gyeonggi-do! These locations are not the usual tourist destinations, which means there will be less crowds and more comfort for you to have a great time.

hot air balloon above suwon hwaseong
Ride a hot balloon and take in the picturesque surroundings of Suwon Hwaseong
cherry blossoms at suwon hwaseong
Enjoy viewing cherry blossoms while soaring high up in the sky
cherry blossom tree in suwon hwaseong
Stroll around the iconic fortress and admire these beautiful spring flowers

Things to note

Hot Air Balloon Flight Reminders:

  • The hot air balloon is inflated by hydrogen or helium and is fixed with cables. Therefore, rest assured that the experience is safe
  • Please remember to spread out and not gather up at any part of the hot air ballon to keep it balanced
  • Please remember not to pull the rolls of the hot air ballon
  • When the hot air balloon lands on the ground, it may sway. Please hold onto the handrail firmly
  • The hot air balloon will fly up to 150 meters. It is recommended that you wear a hat and sunglasses
  • The hot air balloon flight experience lasts approximately 10-15 minutes and will remain at its maximum height for 5-7 minutes only

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