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Cady Published 172 days ago
The one and only Grayson was our pilot and he pretty much made this trip as fun as it was. I was worried that the flight would be too short but the stops made it actually a whole afternoon affair. My husband is a big flight enthusiast and Grayson took the time to impressively explain and detail everything he was doing and where we were going (he even let my husband sit in the front seat). He took the time to point out landmarks which he likely does all the time but he didn’t seem bored of it at all. I will definitely do this again because of the experience we had. Such a legend and definitely get him to take photos because he is one of those husbands of Instagram types with all the angles and no feet cut out. 10/10 experience
Madiha Published 218 days ago
Amaaazzzziiinnnngggg Experience. We all gathered at Peterson’s House and flight took Somewhere 6 in the morning. Clay was our expert pilot and he knew everything about it from flying to see the location from the sky. Peaceful yet thrilling experience. A lifetime journey to remember. Above all, the breakfast was delicious. Enjoyed every bit of it. Highly recommended.
Faye Published 222 days ago
The overall experience was extremely well organized and was simply magic. Very friendly ground crew and amazing breakfast at the Peterson House. Our pilot Dave was amazing. He is very knowledgeable and took the time to explain all about the hot air balloon, the process and answered all questions the group had. Definitely recommend the experience.
Alicia Published 252 days ago
Had such a great day, the winery’s and distillery were good, the people at each winery/ distillery were great. Lunch was delicious and I really liked that we had extra time left we stopped in at an extra distillery.. Sam our Dave’s tour guide/ driver was so knowledgeable, fun and helpful. Would recommend this tour. Thanks guys :)
Katie Published 256 days ago
For someone who doesn’t love an early start, this was absolutely worth it. We were both amazed at how high we were flying and how smooth the trip was. Two people with a fear of heights and we both really enjoyed the experience. Incredible views, friendly pilot and the overall process was made simple to follow and carefree.
nur Published 613 days ago
The drive to Hunter Valley from Sydney was very far but it was worth waking up at 1 am and drive in the wee morning for the hot air balloon and catch the sunrise. The activity was briefed clearly and it's the most relaxing activity. The most spectacular view was the view of the kangaroo field and landing there.