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Luljetta's Hanging Gardens Spa Day Pass

4.7 807 reviews | 10K+ Booked
US$ 17.90
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What people are saying about Relaxation & health in Rizal

Lea Rovie Published 46 days ago
Total package!!! The experience was so amazing. The crews are very accommodating, you can feel you are on VIP treatment. Kudos!!! The facilities are well sanitize and clean esp the shower rooms and CR. The foods and suman was so good!! Bookings and reservations was made easy with Klook, thank you so much Klook! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Mark Daniele Published 47 days ago
Me and my friends really had fun visiting this establishment. Althought it seemed that the stairs were endless but the facilities were amazing - specially the small rest areas that come with a fantastic view. The staff were also really nice and they helped us with taking photos. I really recommend this experience for friends that want to have fun. They have 2 Infinity pools. Tons of rest areas with board games. A dining area with a view. And amazing showers. And a jacuzzi that was able to fit all 5 of us well.
PRINCESS Published 55 days ago
The place is very nice and relaxing. Since the number of guests is limited per day, the whole place was not crowded and we were able to enjoy every amenity. There were also a lot of places where you can just "tambay." Lastly, the whole place, especially the bathroom and shower areas, was very clean. We will come back to this place again.
Pamela Amabel Published 58 days ago
even though our time is limited to 5 hours, it is a blast to be there. no time is wasted since the area is beautiful in sunny or rainy conditions. though weather is not good that time. a second visit is possible for that beautiful sunrise/sunset. staffs are accomodating, slippers and towels are provided and no time is wasted as we relax and enjoy the area :) would go back to experience it once again.
Aira Published 69 days ago
The employees here are very accommodating. The place is great. It has a nice view and the pools are instagram worthy. Booking in Klook made our travel easier. However, I think the voucher is applicable only on weekdays. You have to book at their website for weekend daytours. This is a one of a kind experience so the price is worth it!
Ruth Barbara Published 72 days ago
Thank you so much Klook for this treat. It's my first time to visit Luljetta and definitely will go back. After a year of lockdown I was able to be with nature even for a short time. So relaxing and refreshing. Staff are accomodating and extra attentive. I also appreciate the effort to maintain strict protocol for everyone's safety on this new normal.