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Lisa Published 144 days ago
The 1 hour Bird World tour/experience is worth 5 stars on its own! So many different, beautiful, amazing birds all flying free in the large, walk-through aviary. They land on you, interact with you and I don’t know where else you can have such a close encounter. Fabulous photo opportunities and our tour guide provided lots of information on all the birds. The gardens are extensive and peaceful to walk around. Amazing lookout views over the Glasshouse Mountains all the way back to Brisbane city from the cafe area. Beautiful spot to enjoy a Devonshire tea with fat scones, jam and cream. Highly recommended day trip.
Poh Lin Published 742 days ago
Awesome experience! The zoo is really big and we spend the whole day exploring it. The kangaroo and wallaby fur are very soft and they are very friendly. Koala is very cute but cuddling them only available when you paid to take photo for them. Overall we have a very pleasant day at Australia zoo. The only thing is that the zoo has no quokka .
On Ni Annie Published 963 days ago
It’s easy to use the voucher, just presented it at the admission desk and we went into the zoo directly. The zoo is an amazing place for both kids and adults. We had a great time there. Though it took us more than an hour to get to the zoo from city by train. Shuttle bus was at Beerwah train station waiting.
chi wing francis Published 1001 days ago
Australian Zoo. It is open at 9 o'clock. I am departing from the Sunshine Coast at 0830 hrs to the Australua Zoo, about 30 minutes by car. Tickets are booked online via Klook, a $308, which is cheaper than on-site, about 10%. The zoo offers free parking and there is also a free water dispenser on site. There are a variety of animals, kangaroos, koalas, crocodiles, tigers and some lizards in the zoo. There are also opportunities to touch the koalas and feed the kangaroos. If you want to take a good photo of a kangaroo, you must buy a pack of food to feed it, 3 Australian dollars a pack. By 12 o'clock, the main course is to watch the birds and crocodiles in Crocomesum. Western food is also served in the dining room. The zoo allows visitors to prepare their own food for admission. The zoo also offers a free shuttle bus. There are five stops in the zoo. There are also some children’s facilities available in the zoo for children to play. I left at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, but I didn't see the crocodile and tiger show afterwards. Remember to bring sunscreen and hood.
Norasyikeen Binti Published 1003 days ago
To be at the late Steve Irwin Australia Zoo was one of my dream list. Here are the list that I like about the zoo: 1. There are open parking area and its FREE. 2. Look for train shuttle at each dedicated station and its FREE & also friendly to those who carried strollers. 3. You can get cheap souvenir from as low as 50cents at the souvenir shop. 4. There are FREE flow drinking water at dedicated check point. All you have to do is carrying bottles and fill/refill here. 5. If you want to save money, you can carry a picnic bag/food specially when you come with a family. This is Allowed. There is food court too at the Crocoseum area should you want to enjoy the food here. 6. There are also dry and water park for kids. Dont forget to bring your changing clothes. Also FREE. 7. Animals that you can pat and take photo for FREE: koala, kangaroos, birds, sheep, wild boar, goat etc. 8. You may bring/apply mosquito repellant specially for kids as there are areas with mosquitos. 9. The zookepers may walk with some animals with them. Feel free to ask questions about the animal. 10. If you wish to feed the kangaroo, you may buy its food at the dedicated counter before you proceed to the kangaroo area. 11. Watch out as there are “small iguana/lizard” that are enjoying their walks here. They can be seen on the walkway etc. Some of them are friendly and most of them are shyyy and will run away if you approach them. 12. Some zoo in Australia (Melbourne, Sydney) may request for additional pay for us to take photo or pat the kangaroo or koala. But here you may encounter these cute animals for FREE. Specially the kangaroo area where you can spend as much time here as you wish. With pre-purchase tickets from Klook everything was smooth since my family did not waste time by queing for tickets and just go to the entrance gate. Last but not least, I suggest for travelling during non-peak season. More relax, faster since no large crowd.
Mary Genevieve Published 1244 days ago
Thank you Klook for the fast and hassle-free transaction! We had so much fun exploring the Australia Zoo! It features seventy acres of tropical parkland and more than one thousand native and exotic animals. Due to its size, one day is not enough to tour it completely and get up close and personal with some of the animals. The highlight of our visit here was our little boy’s kangaroo feeding experience. Truly blessed to be able to visit this amazing place!❤️