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Getting Lost in the Bay of Islands
Bask in the grandeur of unspoiled nature in the Bay of Islands by taking strolls along its beaches, swimming in pristine waters plus get acquainted with Maori culture
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Bay of Islands is the perfect snapshot of what northern New Zealand is all about. The cluster region’s sloping hills, rugged coastline, and Pacific blue waters are the perfect backdrop for an authentic Maori adventure. History and culture goes hand in hand on this side of the world. Find awesome things to do in Bay of Islands with the help of this travel guide!

Waitangi Treaty Grounds

In 1840, the British Crown and over 500 Maori rangatira (chiefs) signed a document that will eventually become the basis of New Zealand’s founding government. This historic event took place in Waitangi Treaty Grounds, a beautiful island steeped in traditional Maori culture. Gain insight into the nation’s heritage and history through an informative guided tour at Te Rau Aroha and Te Kōngahu Museum of Waitangi, or catch a haka performance
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Urupukapuka Island

Out of 140 islands, Urupukapuka Island is the largest in the Bay of Islands. This subtropical haven is a popular stopover for tourists on their way to Hole in the Rock. Its pristine beaches are the perfect setting for quiet getaways, while its crystal blue waters offer exciting water activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, and even scuba diving. Hikes are also a great way to explore the island, with the 7-3-kilometer Archaeological Walk being the easiest and most accessible.
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Motukokako Island / Piercy Island

Motukokako Island, alternatively Piercy Island, is best known for being ‘The Hole In The Rock’. Its cultural importance to the local tribe makes it one of the most important islands in the Bay of Islands. Boat trips to the rock are regularly organized where dolphin sightings are par for the course. Schools of fish are visible from the boat thanks to the crystal clear waters, which you can also swim or snorkel in.
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Cruise to the Hole in the Rock

A trip to the Bay of Islands won’t be complete without a cruise to the Hole in the Rock. This catamaran cruise takes visitors from Paihia or Russell to islands in the Rakaumangamanga Peninsula and Cape Brett. If the weather permits, dolphins can be spotted along the way. The experience allows access to pristine islands and provides informative commentary from the crew.
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