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Taichung Food & Dining 2021

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Why people love Taichung

Published 169 days ago
It is very cheap for roasted meat. The cp value is very high. The meat of the store is really super generous and three people eat it. It is only about three thousand yuan. The set includes salad, bibimbap, drinks, seafood, meat, desserts, etc. If the lettuce is gone, the clerk is very kind. When we see that our lettuce is gone or the baking tray needs to be changed, they will take the initiative to ask. What surprised me most is that the drink can be refilled with Coke or cold tea. Generally, roast meat shops will charge again Sensen is really Buddha~ The whole family is full of praise after eating, and feel that the store is very hard to operate and will go to consume again!
Published 162 days ago
There are few options; the location is also small, but delicious! ! 〒▽〒 The address of the Qinmei store is shown above, but the redemption guide address is the founding store. We ran to the founding store and the service staff kindly answered that it was Qinmei store. The two stores are only five minutes walk away. It is gratifying.
Published 156 days ago
Booking through Klook is very convenient. The restaurant has a good atmosphere, good service and unlimited dining time. There are free manicures (make an appointment as soon as you arrive), play with your sister, face-changing performances and so on. Children also have small gifts, which is a happy dining experience for adults and children.
Published 93 days ago
The clerk is very kind and caring. The friends at the same table arrived late because of the parking lot, but the tofu pot that we ordered is already on the table. The clerk kindly helped us to cover the tofu pot on the table to prevent it from cooling off👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Published 52 days ago
Hidden in the mysterious hair salon and dining pub near the Guomei Pavilion, it is really cool. The decoration is very modern, full of hair salon elements, but very quiet, very suitable for friends to chat and relax. Although I have to wait for the meal, the food is delicious and the portion is sufficient.
Yi Jie
Published 46 days ago
This is one of the best conveyor belt sushi restaurants in Taiwan I have ever eaten. There is no one! I won’t talk about the basic specifications. I’m surprised that Pinglu’s food is not only fresh, but also very generous. I thought that two people would eat more than 1,000, but I didn’t expect that the portion would be enough for two people to eat less than 900. 🤣 It is definitely a shop that will visit again! Super push!

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