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Published 296 days ago
It is the first time to play SUP with a friend in Hong Kong. Klook has a two-hour preliminary course. Just go to the assembly according to the appointment time. The instructor is very patient and humorously adjusts the atmosphere during the training process, which adds a lot of fun to the whole training process. I personally feel that SUP is easier to get started, as long as you master the preliminary rowing movements, it is easy to maintain balance on the board. Next time, I will directly go to the board to browse the scenery.
Siu Lun
Published 248 days ago
Located at No. 4 Harbour Road, it is adjacent to the Hong Kong Arts Center and Grand Hyatt Hotel, and the transportation is fairly convenient. Staying in a sea view room can also enjoy the breathtaking view of Victoria Harbour, especially the brilliantly illuminated view of IFC and the Central Ferris wheel after nightfall. The room and toilet are slightly smaller, but the price of less than 1,000 yuan is worth a try. The main course of the business set meal at lunch yesterday was good with the salad, but today the American breakfast was average. The hotel staff is friendly.
hiu hung
Published 248 days ago
It is simply the "Hong Kong version" "Spirited Away" plus "Harbin Mobile Castle"! ! It is the first time to circle the Aberdeen Treasure Seafood Painting Boat for a week. It's really stylish up close! I really want to get on the boat to find the white dragon! Klook you guys start a group! Let's come first! One is playing Xiaoqian and the other is faceless man! The net system feels so explosive! 🤣In addition, the check-in position lighting on the home boat has a beautiful skin effect, praise! Come to Dingzihe for lunch, right! It is the dusk of Nanlang Mountain full of camellia, biting the hotel cookies, refreshing! After the mountain trip, I went to the little chef under the hotel for dinner. The fried clams are so big! Another porridge with sliced goose and oysters is delicious! Back to the hotel for a good night's sleep, the hotel has a Japanese feel, the bed is very comfortable! And the morning run by the waterfront is cool! Of course, a little trip to the nearby outlet shopping! There is a bus 95., 671 directly to the outlet behind the hotel! Go to Japan to do it (up to the mountain and the sea, morning run, big food and laugh, desperately shopping) 👩🏽‍🤝‍👩🏼🤣I have the same loudness show! The PS staff (hotels, shops, local tours, outlets) are so kind to the people you meet on the road, is it the style of South Hong Kong Island?
Published 231 days ago
Reservation plan: Superior Room + Afternoon Tea + Breakfast The location of the hotel is quiet in the middle, and it is very convenient to get around Causeway Bay. A 7-minute walk from Times Square to Da Hotel, the hotel staff is friendly and friendly. The room is well equipped and clean, the bathroom has a bathtub, the bed is clean and the mattress is comfortable. There is a mini bar in the room, with a free consumption of $200, you can choose soft drinks, mineral water drinks, chocolate, nuts, potato chips. Afternoon tea is in the small restaurant on the 28th floor, where the scenery is good, and the open-air swimming pool is also here. Although it is a bit windy, the sun is good. The restaurant and swimming pool are very small. After sitting down, the food is served very quickly. The tea is exquisite and delicious, and skin care gifts are also given. There are 4 set menu options for breakfast (Western, Chinese, Hong Kong, Vegetarian), the portion is sufficient and the food quality is good! . The check-in time was originally scheduled to be 3:00 pm, but we arrived at the Tifang Hotel early, so the store manager then went shopping. At 2:15 pm the hotel had notified us that we could pick up the room.
Published 114 days ago
It’s one of the best in Hong Kong for camping and camping. Besides, because I don’t pay attention to the relationship, I don’t include shampoo and shower gel, but everybody knows that I will give away two kinds of burying for free. It’s very considerate. There are more insects, especially mosquitoes. You can bring a fixed mosquito coil to burn. As for the water activities, I have no comments on it this time. The only thing that is not good is that the camper is too close. At night, I don’t hear the people who are isolated on the left and right. The place where the camper is buried is the same. No scene.
Published 103 days ago
Check in went well, upgrade room, did not choose round bathtub because the window is relatively thin, and another room opens with sea view! All the staff are good service attitude! The hotel is clean and tidy! A few foods are enough for afternoon tea! Cocktail hour starts at 6 o'clock, not too much Choose but we don’t care about a cup or two anyway! Dinner buffet is generally no surprise. Wagyu is just a small piece of sushi. On the contrary, breakfast is very good! Cappuccino very good! Lady captain very good service, the most fascinating is that the beautiful Hong Kong sea view is very wide, eating and watching! Very happy!

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