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From its humble beginnings as a fishing town, Ngapali's natural beauty is now a part of Myanmar's must-see sites. But besides its white sand beaches, the city also boasts a well-preserved cultural heritage. Local villages still uphold traditional Rakhine culture and offer their prayers in Buddhist pagodas throughout the town. Discover the best attractions in Ngapali through this travel guide!

Ngapali Beach

Best known for its stretch of fine white sand, Ngapali Beach is one of the top holiday destinations in Myanmar. Its palm trees, crystal clear waters, and hospitable people fulfill every tourist’s tropical paradise fantasy. Besides lounging under the sun, water activities such as island hopping, kayaking, snorkeling, and scuba diving make visits unforgettable. To maximize the experience, join a private tour to learn more about things to do in Ngapali from a local guide.
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Maung Shwe Lay

Only an hour away from Ngapali Beach by boat, Maung Shwe Lay is a fishing village perfect for tourists seeking to immerse themselves in Burmese culture and way of life. Compared to its popular neighbor, Maung Shwe Lay’s quiet charm and serene atmosphere captivate visitors. A private tour in the area offers the same fun activities as Ngapali Beach, but without the crowds and the usual ruckus. The traditional Rakhine-style cuisine is a must-try, especially after a dip in the Bay of Bengal.
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Thandwe Market

What used to be a prison in British colonial times is now Thandwe Market, a massive marketplace in the heart of Ngapali. Discover all kinds of local products, such as clothes, household items, souvenirs, and of course, organic produce and dried fish. There are also pagodas within the market, frequented by monks from the nearby Zalun Monastery. Book a private tour for a chance to interact with the locals and the monks through a bilingual guide.
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Shwe San Daw Pagoda

As its name suggests, Shwe San Daw Pagoda is said to contain a quarter of the ‘Golden Hair Relic’. The famed relic is supposedly from Buddha himself, which was divided among four temples with the same name. See the yak of hair for yourself and learn the history behind it through a guided tour. After a trip to the temple, check out the surrounding pagoda with similar relics - Tooth Pagoda and Rib Pagoda.
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