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Why people love Tainan

Ai Ting
Published 179 days ago
If you want to go to the bird watching pavilion or have to run a lot, the fare is considered a bargain. We only set off at noon. We only went to the Salt Mountain and the bird-watching pavilion. For a long journey, we must be mentally prepared. It takes one and a half hours from the city to Yanshan. It takes about 20 minutes from Yanshan to the bird watching pavilion, not counting the waiting time.
Published 65 days ago
The service staff has a good attitude and a detailed explanation~ It provides two 125cc cars of different sizes and can inform the traffic conditions of the attractions. It is convenient to go deep into the market streets and alleys of Tainan. A great experience. I will want to use it again next time.
Published 39 days ago
The two-day chartered car trip with my family this time was picked up by the same driver, Mr. Wang. After playing this trip, I had to strongly recommend the driver Mr. Wang. Not only did he carefully plan each itinerary, but he also carefully noticed the problem that the elders at home could not go for a long time. They arranged to get on and off the bus very close to the scenic spot. In addition, I also recommend authentic Tainan cuisine, local people will eat it, chatting and commenting along the way, the whole journey is superb! ! It's a pity that the weather in Tainan these days is too hot to stay outdoors for a long time. The family said that next time I go to Tainan, I will charter a car trip again, because it is really great! !
Published 29 days ago
The service elder brother gave a very detailed introduction. When returning the car, he watched our two girls with big bags and small bags. He took the initiative to call us a car to the station. It was really considerate and gave me a wonderful journey memory. I will come to Tainan in the future. Will definitely come to visit again and introduce my friends👍👍
Published 25 days ago
1. The pick-up service provided by the train station is very considerate. I will call us on the same day to ask about the time to arrive at the train station and wait near the exit. (When I went back, I had to wait for the bus to return, but the clerk would check the time. If it is too late, let us go to the station with the locomotive and catch the train smoothly. I am really grateful to them!) 2. Although the car seems to be a bit small at first, the car is very agile and comfortable to ride, and it is not too exhausting. Oil, basically I went to Anping, Tainan city, Yuguang Island and did not refuel. 3. There are large car shops, and there are sunscreen skirts and helmet linings on site. It is quite considerate and will consider renting a motorcycle shop next time.

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