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Published 404 days ago
I went to Neizang Mountain in mid-November. Although the tour guide said that the weather in 2019 was warmer and not as red as in the previous heyday, the red leaves in Neizang Mountain were also shocking enough. It was really beautiful. The local tour guide is also very friendly and worth recommending.
Published 340 days ago
The scenery is very beautiful, especially the railway bicycle is recommended, you must experience it! The schedule is just right, not tight, and can be played. And for lunch, the Chuncheon fried chicken in Nami Island is super delicious! But since I went on 11/19, the weather was not good enough, and it was a bit too cold. There were violent storms and rain a couple of days before the trip, and almost all the flowers and leaves were blown away, otherwise it should be more beautiful! I might suggest to go in October, when the maple leaves are still very beautiful. There is a small shortcoming, probably because the guide is very kind but speaks both Chinese and English with an accent, which is a bit difficult to understand. However, I will give a high score for the whole trip, and I recommend my friends to go!
Published 334 days ago
Overall the itinerary is very good! The tour guide is very funny and humorous. It is indeed a bit rush to run 3 places in a day. The weather was very good that day I went to Nami Island in the morning, but it was noon when I was doing the rail bike. Although it was not hot in autumn, the sun was still a bit sun-dried. The spicy fried chicken with lunch was delicious. I went to the Garden of the morning calm in the afternoon. The stay here was a bit short and there was no way to stroll around and take pictures. The scenery was really beautiful.
Published 297 days ago
For a one-day trip, you can walk three points from morning to night, and you can take a nap on the tour bus, so you don’t feel tired. The tour guide is very kind and introduces details. The little prince of Petite France can satisfy the little prince book fans a little; in winter, Nami Island has hand-warming ovens, ski basins, slides, children's books, and children have fun; the garden of morning calm with lights at night Brilliant and beautiful. This is a pleasant trip.
Ka Man Karman
Published 223 days ago
This Tour is really good! I visited Little Prince Village early in the morning and saw the scenic spots in the Korean drama "You Who Came From the Stars"! Then I went to Nami Island. Although there was no snow that day, the scenery of Nami Island is very beautiful! In the cold winter, the tour guide took us to eat spicy chicken, it tasted really good, and it was even better with seaweed soup! Finally, we went to the Jiangcun Railway to bike. The most impressive thing was that there was a tunnel full of stars!

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