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Yen Kai
Published 387 days ago
Priority entry still requires a queue (20 minutes), but it is much faster than the one without priority entry (2 hours), the whole is a good deal! It’s worthwhile to watch the exhibition. You don’t need a large bag or a small bag for your ticket in your mobile phone. It’s also safer. After all, there are too many people to watch the exhibition.
Yen Kai
Published 387 days ago
It is strongly recommended that those who want to come must buy a quick customs clearance! Standing in line at the scene is a bit scary, because the number of people moving is very slow! Quick customs clearance can be entered at a specified time, there is no need to wait for a long time, we have to go about half an hour early, but in fact should be about 10-20 minutes early. The catacombs are very worth seeing, not scary at all, remember to wear good walking shoes
Review for: Paris Museum Pass
Published 312 days ago
I remember that after buying the pass on KLOOK, you will need to redeem the physical ticket of the museum at the designated place~~ Although there is one more procedure, the overall is not very troublesome and the instructions are clear. The attitude of the service staff is also very good, friendly and fast! (Chinese is also spoken!) So it is really recommended to use KLOOK to buy tickets before arriving in the local area. In addition to the transparent price and less affected by exchange rate fluctuations, the price will usually be discounted and you can also get points!
Published 224 days ago
Cheaper than buying directly from the web. Plus the service is very easy to use, and the card can be used straight away. It makes preparing to travel abroad a lot easier, it's very convenient, just open the phone and scan the QR code at the door. The staff will print the paper ticket for us to collect. You can go in and out, if you forget anything, they will pump your arm for you. We only bought the card because we didn't eat much. In that, the food is expensive if you eat in a restaurant. But according to the food booth, it's only $ 55 cheaper, which gives a lot If there are children or elderly people, I recommend you to buy a package.

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