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Varanasi Spiritual Walking Tour

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  • Understand the spiritual culture of Varanasi, a city situated on the banks of the sacred Ganges River
  • Explore inward and learn techniques on how to tap into all aspects of your inner self
  • Learn about ancient Yogic culture in its true essence and see local rituals and traditions
  • Harmonize your mind, emotions, body and life energies and possibly change your perception about life

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What to expect

Many travelers around the world are drawn to India for its spiritual richness. With an incredible diversity in religious culture and with traditions that so many around the world try to emulate, it's no surprise that right in the heart of Varanasi, you can experience a truly spiritual walking tour. Meet up with your guide outside the Hotel Ganges Grand to begin your tour. Your first stop is to visit one of the many old ghats in the bank of the sacred Ganges River. A ghat is a rivermouth, a wide set of steps that takes you down to the sacred waters. From here, you'll see native rituals and customs being performed on the sacred waters, and discover why these traditions, rituals, and ceremonies are performed in such a way. You then get to enjoy a boat ride on the river itself, where your guide will share a detailed story about the history of Kashi, and the other deities worshipped along the river. You'll tour the ghats that queue the great river, and as you watch the locals perform their rituals and traditions, you'll gain a deeper understanding of what draws them to the waters of the river and why they perform these religious rites. Your tour concludes at the Gondolia Chowk where you come away with new knowledge of spiritual diversity in Varanasi.

river ganges
Head to an old ghat and see the locals performing traditional rituals
river ganges
Ride a boat over the river and learn more about the incredible richness of spiritual culture of Varanasi
river ganges
Go up to the waters of the River Ganges to see the rituals and traditions that take place on its shores
old ghat
Find your own spiritual learning and peace throughout this entire journey


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