Cool for the Summer

Plan your perfect summer getaway with some of the freshest fun-in-the-sun activities curated just for you


Take a trip around the charming landscapes of Tuscany

Italy is a fortress of magnificent villages and finest wineries situated in the lyrical landscapes of Tuscany. San Gimignano, Siena, and Monteriggioni make for amazing stops who are looking for a well-deserved respite from the bustling cities of their home country and elsewhere. After meeting with your guide in Florence, you will head straight to the quaint village of San Gimignano, a Medieval urban town listed in the ranks of UNESCO's world heritage sites. Take the time to revel in the countryside charm, from its sensational palaces, churches, public squares, and glorious towers. Continue the journey towards Chianti Classico, where Italy's richest wine-growing region resides. Visit numerous wine cellars and witness grapes in full bloom at the lush vineyards, plus a deserving wine tasting session accompanied by a delectable Tuscan lunch of pasta, cured meats, cheeses, and pastries. In the afternoon, you'll venture through Siena, the defining Tuscan city center with the scenic urban views of Siena Cathedral, Town Hall in the Piazza del Campo, and the famous Palio horse race. End the tour with a visit to the dazzling Monteriggioni medieval fortress and before returning to Florence.

Chiang Mai

Spend a day with playful elephants at a mountain sanctuary

Spend a fulfilling day at Chiang Mai Mountain Sanctuary for an opportunity of a lifetime! Start the day with a pick up from your hotel in Chiang Mai, then drive for an hour to the sanctuary, nestled in the jungles of Northern Chiang Mai. Once you arrive at the family-run sanctuary, change into your traditional Lanna clothing, and head inside for an experience you'll never forget! Together with a small and intimate group, learn about these fantastic creatures, and how to care for them! Get a chance to make their food, groom them in a natural mud bath, and even go on a thrilling trek to the nearby jungle! If you choose the half day tour, your tour will end with a delicious Thai meal with seasonal fruits. On the other hand, if you choose the full day tour, you'll go on a longer trek into the mountains, plus get a chance to learn about the elephants' daily lives. Your day will end with a trek to a nearby river, where you can get the chance to give the lovely animals a refreshing bath, before heading back to Chiang Mai. The best part? The sanctuary is absolutely cruelty free – which means no chains, no hooks, and no riding; just lots of love to give these animals all year round - the perfect way to interact with elephants!


Step into paradise as you explore El Nido's lagoons

One of the most famous destinations in the Philippines are the famed El Nido Islands. This beach paradise is so famous that no trip to the Philippines would be complete without a visit! This package will take you straight to its most beautiful lagoons full of picture perfect wonder. The big lagoon features the full beauty of El Nido's lagoons: rippling clear waters, rock formations around you and under the water, like an idyllic marine waterway. The hidden lagoon is straight out of a storybook, where you duck into a small entrance to reveal a secluded pool of crystal water surrounded by rocks, bringing back memories of stories of mermaids and fairytales. After lunch, you'll head to Shimizu Island's white beaches and get to experience its untouched natural beauty nestled in the waters. You'll the learn of the name origins of 7 Commando Beach, your next stop, where you'll be able to relax and take a dip in the clear blue ocean. There's no doubt that this tour of El Nido will take you to a world of aquatic wonder, one you will not soon forget.


Navigate the scenic rapids of Hsiukuluan River

The Hsiukuluan River provides some of Taiwan's best rafting, challenging participants with a range of rapids to navigate. The rapids are a reasonable level for beginners, but swift enough to provide a thrill. The varied route will have you transitioning between paddling ferociously, holding tight as you plunge down a rapid and sitting back to appreciate the spectacular scenery you're passing through. You'll journey through rocky ravines with a backdrop of impressive mountainous scenery before ending on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Take your pick of raft types for varying degrees of comfort and excitement! Run by a company with years of experience and led by a friendly professional instructor, safety is paramount—but they don't skimp on the fun!


Enjoy unlimited rides on record-breaking coasters in Fuji-Q

Fuji-Q Highland quenches the thirst of anyone itching for excitement and a rush of adrenaline. The park presents four major roller coasters, all of which are overlooked by the captivating Mount Fuji. Your heart won't stop racing, that's for sure. Fuji-Q Highland holds two Guinness World Record holding rides, Dodonpa being the fastest accelerating roller coaster and Takabisha being the steepest coaster. And the thrill doesn't end with the rides! The park gives you a different frenzy of excitement with its Haunted Hotel and Ultimate Fort, a prison escape themed maze. Aside from the adult-friendly attractions, kids can have their fair share of the fun too. Anime-based attractions and Thomas Land offer an enchanting escape for even the little ones. This place will leave your thrill-seeking heart thoroughly satisfied.