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How to apply for your Dine & Discover NSW vouchers to splash out on some fun!
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15 free fun group activities in NSW
Get the office together and go on a free team activity!
Score free tickets to zoos in Sydney
Go kayaking and stand up paddling at Manly for free

Terms & Conditions

    • Dine & Discover NSW vouchers can be accessed in your MyServiceNSW account
    • Simply input the Discover voucher code at checkout to redeem $25 off
    • A transaction with a Discover voucher is non-refundable or resellable
    • Only one voucher can be used per day and per transaction
    • A voucher cannot be used on a child ticket
    • For a list of the full Terms & Conditions, please see below:

    Klook x Dine & Discover NSW - Terms & Conditions

    Klook is a government-approved partner of the Dine & Discover program. The Dine & Discover program is a government-backed initiative which aims to encourage NSW residents to spend on Covid-safe businesses promoting dining, entertainment, and recreation, within the State of NSW. Customers must be a NSW resident, aged 18 years or older, and have a registered MyServiceNSW account in order to be eligible for this program and gain access to the Dine & Discover Vouchers. Klook will only accept “Discover” Vouchers (2 x $25 vouchers per NSW resident) on its online platform. Klook is not able to accept “Dine” Vouchers.

    To register for a MyServiceNSW account, customers will need two proof of identity documents (e.g. Australian drivers license, Medicare card, Australian passport, etc.). Customers will require a mobile device (iOS or Android) and download the Service NSW app to access and download their Vouchers. If you do not have a mobile device or email address, or you’re unable to apply online, you can call 13 77 88 or visit a Service NSW Centre to apply for the Vouchers.

    The Discover Vouchers (2 x $25 vouchers per NSW resident) can be redeemed on specific activities in NSW that are eligible for the program and promote entertainment and recreation. To redeem the vouchers, customers will need to input one of the Discover Voucher codes at check-out. Activities that are not eligible include those that are not instant confirmation and/or involve alcohol consumption and/or are not for entertainment and recreation purposes - i.e. accommodation, airport transfers or car rental.

    General Discover Voucher Usage

    The Discover Voucher will only reduce the value of the total transaction by $25. Customers that book an activity valued at under $25 will forfeit the remaining funds on their voucher. Please note that you must have a Klook account linked to an Australian phone number in order to redeem the vouchers on your chosen booked activity.

    Please note that Discover Vouchers cannot be applied to child tickets. Transactions made with a Discover Voucher are non-refundable or re-sellable. Discover Vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions or discounts, coupons or memberships offers, including stacking of the separate Discover Vouchers. Only one Discover Voucher can be used per day from the same MyServiceNSW account on Klook. Separate bookings on separate days will need to be made if a customer would like to redeem both of their $25 Discover Vouchers on Klook.

    Discover Vouchers can be used any day of the week. Please note that all vouchers must be used by 30 June 2021.

    Klook reserves the right to change its price list for fees or charges at any time, upon notice to the customer, which may be sent by email or posted on this website. A customer's (or continued use) of the services offered by Klook following such notification constitutes acceptance of any new or revised fees or charges.

    Klook supports payments in different currencies and rates can be converted into different currencies for your convenience. Activity rates indicated in a certain currency are at a rate determined by Klook, estimated using market spot rates. Payment currency will be clearly indicated at time of payment. Some credit cards and banks may charge additional fees in handling certain currencies, please consult with your credit card issuer or bank if additional charges will apply to your transaction.

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