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Experience a day of sun and beautiful blue ocean waters around Mactan Island in Cebu. This tour around the gorgeous island sights around Pandanon Island the best way to get the most out of your experience, allowing you to see the different beautiful treasures in the area. The fun begins with a meet up at Marigondon Beach, where you'll get to meet your guide and group for the very first time! Once everyone's all settled, head off toward the first stop of the tour, Hilutungan Marine Reserve. From your boat, you'll check out the gorgeous marine life all around the area as you dive into its crystal-clear waters that are filled with schools of fish swimming just a few inches away from you! You'll cruise by Nalusuan Island, where you can explore the water and its marvels. Do some more snorkeling here and take a look at the underwater secrets around the island, before you proceed to your stop at Pandanon Island. Set your feet into the glorious sands and feast on a delicious grilled lunch as you take in the stunning sight of the noontime sun shining brightly on the blue ocean and the green trees. At the end of the tour, you will be conveniently brought back to Marigondon Beach, with memories of a day well-spent in the best snorkeling spots in Cebu. Optional hotel pick up and drop off is also available for an extra cost, perfect for those who wish to enjoy a completely hassle-free day!
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US$ 42.65
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Private Cebu & Mactan Twin City Tour

4.2 297 reviews | 3K+ Booked
Follow the footsteps of the famous Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan and explore the shores of Cebu and Mactan. Choose between an early morning tour with an 8:00am hotel pick up or sleep in and head out in the afternoon. Start with a scenic drive past the North Reclamation Area, Cebu International Convention Center, Mandaue City and the Mandaue-Mactan Bridge. On this trip, you will get to visit some of the area’s most iconic attractions: the sanctuary of Birhen Sa Regla Shrine, Cebu City Fort San Pedro, Santo Nino Shrine and more. See the famous Magellan’s Cross, an important symbol of Cebu planted on Magellan’s orders in 1521. Explore the Heritage Shrine and Yap San Diego Ancestral House before completing the tour with some quiet time at a Taoist Temple and a visit to the famous guitar factory.
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Jumpstart your Philippine getaway with a convenient and exciting day trip around three of the popular island destinations in Cebu: Pandanon, Hilutungan, and Nalusuan Islands in Cebu! Explore the amazing underwater world and swim among the colorful corals inside the protected sanctuaries of the islands. Get a chance to set your eyes on the abundant and diverse marine life that will level up your adventure in this tropical paradise. Your English and Korean speaking guide will take you to the best spots to appreciate the beauty of each location. At noon, indulge in a delicious lunch at a beach hut with an ocean view. After lunch, you'll have more free time to swim, snorkel, or parasail your way up to have a bird's eye view of the surrounding clear waters. After a full day of exciting adventures, you'll be taken back to your hotel to enjoy the rest of your day.
US$ 59.09
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Pescador Island's rich biodiversity is yours to explore in this thrilling snorkeling tour! In this amazing journey, you'll be going on a journey to dive into the blue waters and enjoy snorkeling among the gorgeous underwater life found in the island. Your stop at the this world-class diving and snorkeling location will allow you to see protected corals and examine the marine species that call it their home. The marine sanctuary will allow you to swim among the fish and even feed them! You might even get a glimpse of sea turtles as you go! Cebu's famous sardine run is one adventure you also can't miss: you'll find yourself surrounded by huge schools of swimming sardines! You chance to swim with sea turtles in Talisay Point is next, and after this comes an amazing boat ride that'll get you glimpsing dolphins playing in the sea. This journey will conveniently take you to and from your hotel, allowing you to focus on creating priceless underwater memories.
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Spend your day snorkeling with the tropical schools of fish on an island hopping adventure in Mactan, Cebu! Board a boat to reach the first island, Hilutungan Marine Reserve. Admire the panoramic views over the islands and beaches dotting the Olango Reef. Best for snorkeling, the island boasts a collection of magnificent marine species. See giant clams, corals, sea urchins, damsels, fish, and more. Then explore the underwater world at Nalusuan Island, a tiny man-made island southwest of Olango. It boasts a stunninng white sandbar that's visible during low tide. Then head over to the last island: Caohagan Island. Take a leisurely stroll along the shoreline and admire the picturesque bamboo cottages. Enjoy a barbecue lunch, too, before returning to Cebu! If you'd love to see corals, swim with multi-colored schools of fish, and generally just enjoy the beach, then this island hopping excursion is a must-do for you.
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3 Day Cebu Highlights Tour

4.6 21 reviews | 400+ Booked
Pack your bags, grab your best travel buddies, and get ready for a 3 day action packed Cebu adventure on land, into the water, and even, in the air! Kick off your exciting expedition by conquering Cebu’s land destinations. Embark on a city tour to the most famous sites in town such as the Temple of Leah, Taoist Temple, Basilica del Sto Nino, Magellan’s Cross, 10,000 roses, and more before heading over to the municipality of Oslob to visit the historic Oslob Cuartel. Make sure to book a comfy accommodation so you could rest well before conquering the waters of Oslob on the 2nd day. Prepare to swim with the giant adorable creatures of the sea and get to take pictures with them, just ask the guides on site for their ‘underwater photography expertise’. After swimming with the whale sharks, make your way to the breathtaking Sumilon Island and feel its dreamy white sandbars in between your toes. Ready for a mystical water adventure? Take a trip to Samboan and witness not one, but a whole system of waterfalls at the Aguinid Falls! The adventure doesn’t stop on your 2nd day - on your 3rd and last day, prepare for the wildest adrenaline rush you’ll get to experience! Become the master of air as you defy gravity and jump off from over 50ft cliffs during the Badian canyoneering adventure. Cap off your 3 day tour with an island hopping experience to Moalboal’s most magnificent islands and be in awe of the mesmerizing ‘sardine run’ beneath the waters. Have the best time in Cebu and get to enjoy your exhilarating adventure with hassle free hotel transfer services available in the package.
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Pescador Island's rich biodiversity is yours to explore in this thrilling snorkeling tour! In this amazing journey, you'll be going on a journey into its blue waters. Enjoy snorkeling among the gorgeous underwater life found in the island. Your stop at this world-class diving and snorkeling location will allow you to see protected corals and examine the marine species that call it their home. Get to swim with the fishes while you feed them and get a glimpse of sea turtles as you go! Cebu's famous sardine run is one adventure you also can't miss, where huge schools of swimming sardines will swim around you! Your chance to swim with sea turtles in Talisay Point is next, and after this comes an amazing boat ride that'll give you a view of dolphins playing in the sea. This journey will conveniently take you to and from your hotel, allowing you to focus on creating priceless underwater memories.
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Kalanggaman Island Tour from Cebu

4.8 4 reviews | 300+ Booked
There's more to see in Kalanggaman Island than its impressive sandbar – here, you'll find refuge in the tranquility and sparkling blue waters of the ocean, bluer than blue than its famed neighboring seas in Cebu and Bohol. Dare to be different and explore more of the Visayan region starting in Leyte. Be up early and get ready for your hotel pick up at around 3:00am-4:00am and immediately move on to Maya Port at 7:00am prior to your arrival at Kalanggaman. It's a 3-4 hour ride so don't hesitate to get comfortable inside your transfer service. At around 8:30am, you're finally at Kalanggaman! It's still the middle of the morning, the sun is out and bright, so don't forget to capture or take a dip in the island's pristine waters along the stunning sandywhite beach. Walk along the path of the island's long, spectacular sandbar or travel far and wide by feet on the cool limestone rocks awashed by the beach water. Anything is possible here – the island's natural wonders are free for you to roam with the entire vicinity being void of the bustle in other beaches in the country. At 11am, enjoy a local style lunch before you depart to Maya Port at 1:30pm and drive back to your hotel in Cebu at 3pm. End the tour happy, well-rested, and filled with quiet yet remarkable memories as you're dropped off at your accommodation at 7:00pm. Complete with an English speaking guide and round trip transfer service, Kalanggaman Island is worth every mile traveled as you fall for its mythical charm.
US$ 88.39
US$ 87.15
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This vibrant island hopping experience takes you from Cebu to Moalboal, where, after some breakfast, you’ll enjoy some island hopping. Here’s your opportunity to view the marine glories of the islands in the area. You’ll head to Pescador Island, with its illustrious marine biodiversity. It’s a first-class snorkeling location with countless underwater species that reside in its coral reefs. While here, you shouldn’t miss catching sight of the massive schools of sardines. Cebu’s sardine runs are famous, as visitors will find themselves surrounded by shimmering waves of fish. Afterward, you’ll head to Turtle Bay to catch sight of the local species of sea turtles as they swim along. After lunch, you visit Kawasan Falls and admire the beauty of its three-layer cascade, nestled in the trees. It’s an unforgettable trip around the natural wonders of Cebu.
US$ 43.69
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Your unforgettable island-hopping experience takes you from Cebu to Malboal, where you'll be able to view the marine beauties of the islands in the area. This area is well known for having numerous small islands, each of them possessing unique natural beauty and surrounded by even more underwater sights. This is most evident in Pescador Island, which is known for its coral reefs and biodiversity. Catch the shimmering waves of fish during one of the famous Sardine Runs, and spot some local sea turtles floating along at Turtle Bay. After lunch, however, the thrill-seeker in you will be sated, as you head to Badian Island. After a motorbike ride, your canyoneering adventure on this island begins. Put your physical strength to the test through trekking, climbing, rappelling, and even jumping from high points. It’s an incredible way to go exploring in this beautiful region.
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What people are saying about Island Tours in Cebu

Francy Published 703 days ago
This is a very highly recommended tour for adventure seekers. Our driver was friendly and co-operative. It was a fun filled tour which covered a major portion of the gorgeous Cebu Island. Day 1 was for city exploration and days 2- 3 are packed with adventures. Be it swimming with whale sharks in Oslob or canyoneering in Badian or island hopping.. this tour has a lot of variety to offer and it's worth every penny. The only tricky part when booking this tour is to book the hotel per the location of drop off given in the tour itinerary. The whole tour went smoothly..I love Cebu island and wish to go back some day.
Jeremy Published 741 days ago
This island hopping tour was great! It is more for Koreans, (we were the only English speaking people out of about 25 people), but the boat crew did speak English which helped and we still had an awesome time. The boat crew was so engaged with the guests with taking pictures and helping watch the smaller kids so the parents could have a few minutes together on the island. The lunch that was served was delicious and there was plenty for everyone. If we were to come back to Cebu, I would do this island hopping again! Thank you to Ella, Daniel, and everyone for a great experience!
Wilca Marie Published 766 days ago
Thumbs up to Cebu smile island hopping! Good food and great service. They really took care of us during the island hopping. There is even a life guard assigned for both of us (me and my boyfriend), and because we don't have waterproof camera they will offer to take pictures of you when you go snorkeling. 📷🌊😁✌️AMAZEBALLS!
KWIRANG Published 477 days ago
The weather was clear and cloudy, but you don't have to worry about the water being cloudy or not seeing the fish because it only picks a good place in the water. There was a designated staff member per team who took pictures and led them to points. Our team was in charge of Lapi (I was wearing uniform but I was in NO. 21). I spoke Korean very well and quickly took care of what I needed. I want to be staring at me. You don't have to do it, but you can take it so much (ex. If you're stumping, drink it, take a beer, take a picture if you look at the phone. As soon as I get out of the water, I bring a towel, I can't swim, I hold on to the tube line, but I pull it to the place where there are a lot of fish. I gave you 500 pesos as a tip. And the Korean boss joked that he would come back to the hopping because of the rice, but the rice was really good. Fried stir-fried kimchi fried Potato steak Grilled chicken grilled shrimp Grilled pork skewered fish paste Fruit etc. I will also use the liver again. It is recommended.
SUYE Published 497 days ago
It was a hopping tour that I thought was good at hopping here! Everyone in the group was so noisy and noisy, so I looked around later and chose it. The rice was really delicious and the ramen I ate on the stomach was really the best ㅠㅠ I wanted to eat it again. I was scared because I wasn't good at snorkeling. Thank you for your help and he said ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ It was so fun and I gave a tip when I came out last time
seungyeon Published 506 days ago
I used it with my family, but we had five people and two of our employees joined our team. I'm trying to take a picture. I want to take a picture so much. Stop looking at it. I'm afraid I can't swim but I'm swimming all the time I take care and care

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