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What people are saying about Monuments in Rome

Galleo Published 677 days ago
You will NEED it unless you would like to spend 1 hour queuing up colosseum. This is the basic and the minimum package that you would like to buy if you would like to save some time queuing up for colosseum, Roman forum and palatine hill. Last time when I came to Rome without this package. , I spent 1 hour with I queue up for entrance ..
Hsiang Yang Published 678 days ago
This ticket is a MUST-BUY. It helped us save at least TWO HOURS of queueing! It felt great to be able to just skip the line and walk directly to the front of the line. The queue was crazy, even on a weekday! Please do yourself a huge favour and buy this ticket before visiting these famous Rome attractions!
Richard Published 700 days ago
These are "must see" sights in Rome. Skip the line is great. Just showed the mobile tickets on the phone and walked right in. The time on the ticket was for Colosseum, and within 24 hours if using the ticket the first time, it would expire. The other 2 sights are combined together in the same enclosed area, so you do want to estimate the time you're in them.
Wen June Published 704 days ago
You have to get this from Klook! It will save you so much time. It was especially important for me to avoid wasting time because I went during Autumn when the sun would set around 5pm. It was hassle free and you only have to show the voucher from your mobile phone. Highly recommended. A must see in Rome.
Tuesday Anne Published 708 days ago
„When in Rome, do as what Romans do“. Humbled and honored to be able to see upclose and personal, walk thru its concrete pavement and rustic walls tested ang aged by times, built of travertine limestone, tuff (volcanic rock) , and brick-faced concrete, the world‘s greatest amphitheater of all times! Thank you Lord for this provision! ❤️😇 #Reapingfruitsofmylabor #WheininRome #WheninItaly #TuesdayTimday
KAH MAN Published 715 days ago
Please buy this priority entrance ticket! The crowd is crazy, you will definitely queue for at least 1-2 hours if you buy on the spot. With this priority entrance ticket, we just skip all the queue and go direct in. "Rome was not built in one day", and visiting to colosseum will make you fall in love to Rome.

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