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What people are saying about Scooter Tours in Bali

Thea Angela Published 594 days ago
This tour was topnotch! You would think that with all the activities, there’s bound to be some complication but everything was as easy as a breeze — considering this is a set of multiple tours. I didn’t even need a local simcard. There was always someone standing up with our group name everytime we needed to meet up a tour guide. Worth every penny!!! Also really good customer service via Whatsapp 🌸 Highly recommended.
Sapna Published 618 days ago
Highly recommended . The tour given to us is specific , also the island tour was given by two people from 2 wheeler in Nusa island trip is so much satisfactory. Keep up the good job , really liked it very much .. Thanks a lot to the whole team and specially to the members of the team who showed each spot 👏🏻👍🏻
CHIN YI Published 641 days ago
1. Shuttle service: The shuttle service between the car and the ship is well connected, the car and boat shifts are very punctual, and the service staff are friendly and professional. 2. Snorkeling activities: The snorkeling equipment is complete and safe, but it is recommended to bring a swimsuit with a wide coverage to avoid sunburn. The snorkeling scenes of the three locations have their own characteristics. The coach's guidance is also very friendly and safe. The coach will also prepare bread to attract fish. The washing and changing space and locker facilities after the event are complete. 3. Dining environment: The meal is simple but the portion is enough and delicious, but the fly is slightly more. 4. Mangrove guide: The landscape is special, but sun protection measures are recommended. 5. Hotel transfer: punctual and safe. 6. Locomotive round-the-island tour: When the shuttle is on time, the attractions will have enough time to take pictures. 7. Guided Tour of Bernida Island: The shuttle service is on time, and the car connection is safe. It is recommended to bring swimwear and change clothes during the trip. Crystal Bay can go to the beach to swim in the water. Other attractions also have enough time to watch the beautiful scenery and take photos. The meals for lunch were also delicious and the dining environment was clean. Please be sure to purchase this tour, it is really recommended!
xxxxxx Published 678 days ago
A very good trip especially for water activities or sightseeing water bodies. Snorkelling was made easy for us with a good guide who also used our gopro to dive to deeper parts to capture more footage for us. Resting 1 night in Lembongan is also quite relaxing in general with good ocean views. Lunch provided was simple yet sufficient~ Just a note that swimming in crystal bay is possible and a relatively fun way to beat the heat.

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