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Cairns Skydive Experience

4.7 107 reviews | 1K+ Booked
Are you ready to take the plunge and feel the ultimate rush of adrenaline? You’ve chosen one of the best places on earth to make the leap! Calm your nerves as you make your way to your drop zone choice in the Cairns area. At your chosen location, meet your skydiving support team, including your tandem jump master and safety officers who will train you on all safety procedures and answer any questions about your jump. Once you're all clued up, get fitted into all your gear and take a quick flight to up to 15,000 ft. Your tandem jump master will attach your harnesses together and will take care of all the technical details so you can just enjoy your experience. Ignore those butterflies in your stomach when the doors open and you feel the wind rush in. Leap out into the sky and try to enjoy the view as you freefall at speeds up to 200 km/hr for up to 60 seconds! Your tandem jump master will take care of deploying your parachute, and in case of emergency, all parachutes are equipped with the latest AAD technology to automatically engage at preset altitudes. Float through the sky for 5-7 minutes and enjoy a bird’s eye view of the Great Barrier Reef before landing back on solid earth. A memorable experience you will never forget!
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What people are saying about Skydiving in Cairns & Port Douglas

KING CHI Published 817 days ago
Not Mission Beach!!! Not Mission Beach!!! Not Mission Beach!!! Jumping in Cairns =] landing on a meadow, returning to the skydiving company about 15 minutes after the jump. Is it that the mission beach has little effect on me, because I am the first to jump, mainly want to experience the skydiving itself. Not jumping the mission beach saves a lot of time. (If you jump in the local book, the mission beach is expensive) There is a skydiving company shuttle bus to and from the hotel. The day before the event, I received a text message from the skydiving company: I changed the time due to the weather (I didn't have a local call, so I called the skydiving company at the front desk of the hotel.) The skydiving company's car was 15 minutes late and we were very nervous, but the company There is sd email notification, but I don't check email at the moment =v= The film shot by the coach is very high-definition. It is recommended that the makeup teacher is very professional, and the roll machine is very hot and the film is very good. In addition, I have to control the next umbrella. The skydiving company has trousers for you to change, ladies will be more convenient with yoga pan / tight pants. Because of the landing on the grass, the pants will be weeded and wet, so the white pants are good. After 2-3 hours, the skydiving company will email the same piece of generous link. You have no usb at home, and you go to download Btw d film has been cut and buried with background music So surprise! 6:30a.m. Hotel on the train, 10:00a.m. Back to the hotel early jump benefits, you can have a full day to play! After jumping for a while, I will regret it. I don’t feel like this. Because I am very afraid of death, AUD$30 is an insurance. I have an on-the-spot purchase.
HO YAN Published 1121 days ago
After 5 minutes in the morning, I didn’t see the car or people coming. I was a little scared. I called and asked. The staff said that it might be too late for the last stop. Let us wait, the car is finally late. It takes only a minute to reach the meeting place. When I arrived at the skydiving center, I waited for a while. We were not too nervous. We weighed the weight, wore the equipment, watched the instructional video and boarded the car to the airport. We went to the other side of the car and waited for us at the landing site. The weather was very good. I saw a piece of sugar cane field on the plane. It was cool to jump out of the door and the wind was not good. My coach GJ took me to catch the cloud and let me try to catch the parachute. He said that I am a perfect diving student~ This is a very enjoyable experience! Back to the center, the lesson set off with the next group of guests. Someone wrote a message in the palm of his hand. We waited for USB to check our photos and videos before we got back on the bus and disbanded.
Wing Si Published 1483 days ago
Very satisfied, this event also includes breakfast / lunch, to set aside a day, because people are quite many, to a lot of groups, and then leave together. When you jump over the umbrella there is still a lot of time to leave, you can first with slippers to the nearby beach (ie managed beach) stroll. Mentors are very careful, will teach you how to parachute beforehand If you have not tried, must try, after the trial you will love it, nothing can be afraid. ???? to the mission beach before the first to download klook confirmation letter, where the phone signal is relatively poor, with the phone display will be a bit cumbersome. It is best to register the APF before the Internet, as well as fill the skydiving company to your terms and conditions. Although the parachuting company in the shuttle to the management beach will provide ipad Internet and India T & C to you, but in advance to prepare everything is the best. hope you will enjoy ~

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