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Mantanani Snorkeling & Kawa Kawa River Cruise

4.1 656 reviews | 10K+ Booked
Veer off the beaten track, beat tourist crowds and explore the hidden Malaysian oasis of Mantanani Island, a great location for diving, snorkeling, bird watching and more. Located off the north-west coast of the state of Sabah, Malaysia, the island is home to many marine animals. You will have two fun options to choose from, depending on your preferences: a Mantanani snorkeling only package or Mantanani snorkeling plus a Kawa Kawa River cruise. The first one takes you to the best locations for exploring the underwater world with an abundance of coral reefs. Whilst the river cruise option also lets you relax over a buffet dinner while observing fireflies. You choose!
US$ 56.69
US$ 50.65
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Manukan Island and Pulau Sapi Adventure

4.3 568 reviews | 7K+ Booked
Journey to Malaysia's two beautiful islands: Sapi and Manukan. First, take a boat to Manukan Island for its crystal clear turquoise seas and vivid greenery. The island is ready to welcome you with arranged recreational facilities: picnic zones, changing rooms, tables and more – so you can enjoy the water and white sandy beach in full. After a delightful barbecue lunch, head over to Sapi Island where you will have loads of free time to enjoy kayaking, ride a banana boat, go jet skiing and more. If you are looking for a safe way to explore the underwater world, try Sea Walking, a new sport that allows you to explore the ocean without the need for scuba diving classes.
US$ 45.85
US$ 40.50
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Mengalum Island Snorkeling Day Tour

4.6 32 reviews | 400+ Booked
If you're looking for a relaxing weekend getaway, head west of Sabah and spend a day at Mengalum Island. Known for its deep-sea fishing spots and thriving marine life, Mengalum Island is on every tourist's must-visit list. Score a great deal with this tour's full day snorkeling and set lunch package, made even better with their round trip hotel and island transfers. In this tour, your expert English speaking guide will bring you to two of the island's best snorkeling spots. Feast your eyes at the sight of diverse sea creatures – from turtles swimming past to schools of fish hurrying towards their homes. See marine life in motion as your motorboat speeds across clear blue waters. Enjoy the sea breeze and bask in the tranquil atmosphere of this up and coming top tourist destination. Once you finally set foot on Mengalum, you'll be amazed by the absence of crowds. Feel incredibly relaxed as you lounge by its picture-perfect shores, where comfort comes in endless stretches of powdery sand. Book now for a much-needed tropical holiday!
US$ 108.49
US$ 84.39
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US$ 72.35
US$ 66.30
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Semporna Island Snorkeling Experience

4.5 2 reviews | 100+ Booked
US$ 45.85
US$ 42.19
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US$ 144.69
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What people are saying about Island Tours in Sabah

SHARMAINE Published 477 days ago
Mari-mari Cultural Village is a must-visit! It features houses of five indigenous peoples of Sabah and a lot of wine/food samples on every stop. Kiulu river rafting is grade 1-2, not really difficult for an adventurous soul. This package comes with convenient roundtrip transfer, buffet lunch (after rafting), and another heavy meal / high tea (after tour on the village).
SHARMAINE Published 481 days ago
Amazing experience for group or whole family! From KK, we had comfy two hour ride to Kiulu river. Rafting is enjoyable, though quite tiring to complete more than 5 km. There was no departure fr itinerary and we proceeded to Mari-mari cultural village in the afternoon. Our guide, Kuya Ben, and the entire villagers were fascinating. Lots of food and wine samplers along the tour.
Yat Hymn Douglas Published 536 days ago
Max was great and funny guide for the Kiulu water rafting. If you can, you should definitely request to be in his group! The rafting itself was very family friendly. We even had the opportunity to do body rafting on Max's instructions! Mari Mari cultural village was also great and we learnt a lot about the local tribes. There were plenty of activities and sample of food to try! Highly recommend.
Janis Grace Published 541 days ago
Both activities are worth the penny. We enjoyed rafting. Hoped the river is longer though or maybe try the 2nd level rafting next time around. The afternoon activity is knowledge enriching and interactve with the past which is a plus factor compared to museums which is just visual. The other tour we have does not have souvenir shops. Both of the venue here have their own souvenir shops. Enjoyed every bit of the moment one full day in KK before we are headed to leave the next day, early morning. Greatly recommended!
Tse Liang Published 544 days ago
well planned and on time schedule. experienced river guide for rafting. Not dangerous at all as I thought initially. The activity is suitable for children and adults. Had great time at Mari Mari village with cultural experience , we got the opportunity to taste traditional food and drink and cultural performance was fantastic..
Kim Hong Published 580 days ago
We were picked up from our hotel to the dock at 8 to Dulang Buhay with 10 others. We were not allowed to climb with sandal so rented rubber Adidas for 5Rgt. 700m climb took us (not very fit 😑) 1hr, but the view paid off. It was quite crowded. Stayed @15 min on the summit. Lunch at the boat before we did snorkling. Last stop was Sibuan Island where we swam and took a walk. Before heading back we were stopped at a shallow end where we could walk in the "sea bed" where I saw two species of star fish. There were small fishes as well.

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