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What people are saying about Hiking in Thimphu

Zheng Lei Published 772 days ago
I was assigned Lobsang as my guide, and Jimmy as my driver. This 5-star review goes to them for working hard. Lobsang was attentive to my needs, and Jimmy drove me around safely throughout in a Hyundai SUV. My Klook package included the following 3-star hotels, which no doubt is 3-star by the online reviews. Thimphu: Tara Phendeyling Hotel Punahka: Meri Puensum Resort Wangdue Phodrang: Dewachen Hotel Bumthang: Ugyenling Hotel Paro: Olathang Hotel I experienced unstable hot water issues at Tara Phendeyling Hotel. I am giving credit to my guide Lobsang (who tried his best to fix it but to no avail). I believe it was the hotel's central hot water tank issue which cannot be fixed easily. I also experienced brown water at Meri Puensum Resort. On the advise of the resort staff, I let the water run for over 30 mins, but the bath water was still brown, uninviting for showering. At this point, I felt a little disappointed with the included hotels, and had a wild idea that I wanted to end my Bhutan trip on a high note in Paro, so I googled online and found out that Marriott has a Le Meridien Hotel there, so I paid online for a room at Le Meridien at my own expense. I emailed Swallowtail Tours staff about my hotel problems and the self-paid upgrade, and the staff replied that I will not be getting any refund for the unused rooms in the original Paro Hotel due to non-refundable policy, which I said is okay. In conclusion, I enjoyed my trip around Bhutan, primarily for the naturally clean crisp air at the countryside, and the simple (happy) life of its people. I also thoroughly enjoyed chatting with Lobsang throughout my trip. My one word of advice is that if one chooses to tour Bhutan, one should manage their expectations accordingly given Bhutan's generally rural conditions. Otherwise, do enquire about your hotel upgrade options like Marriott Hotels, Six Senses Hotels etc. I loved my self-paid Le Meridien Hotel room.
emily Published 779 days ago
fresh air, fresh clean water...the local operator is a jem and the tour went on smoothly despite the teething issue and lack of proper follow up after the order from klook. 1st time taking a private tour but my guide and driver has been excellent..most Bhutanese speaks excellant English so very easy getting around...its a simple country with simple way of life but they are so willing to share their culture...

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