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Nature Kayaking

4.6 83 reviews | 1K+ Booked
Kayak Singapore's naturally fascinating waters with the company of passionate, good-humored guides, some of whom are Ubin natives with an intimate knowledge of the locale. Learn about the heritage of Palau Ubin as you paddle in pairs, enter the mangroves and glimpse kingfishers, eagles, hornbills and herons. You might also be lucky to sight an otter family or pink dolphin pod! Alternatively, an 8.27km journey through to the middle of the island will bestow you with scenic views of wetlands and waterways. The area is a beautiful corner of Singaporean wilderness that's rarely seen due to its relatively inaccessibility, thus making this a truly one-of-a-kind experience for the curious and adventurous.
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US$ 75.10
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Kayaking Mangrove Exploration Tour

4.3 76 reviews | 1K+ Booked
US$ 66.45
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What people are saying about Water Sports in Singapore

Review for: Nature Kayaking
Stefanos Published 1224 days ago
loved it! something very unique in Singapore. you go through some pristine mangroves covered in green leaves and you kayak through the still waters of pulau ubin. there's this one section where you kayak to a lagoon you could say that was so peaceful and lovely. something you wouldn't see if going by foot or bike around ubin. didn't even feel like singapore felt like i was in some seaside town in malaysia. we were also lucky enough to tour around a fish farm or kelong, although don't expect this for the tour. just take note you WILL get wet, so bring water shoes if you have them and a shirt and swimwear you don't mind getting wet as you do need to float on your back with your lifejacket on. bringing a wetbag would also be good to put your camera etc in. fun few hours at ubin. kudos to nadia our guide who gave us some info about the mangroves and the kelongs and ubin island. would recommend :)
Review for: Nature Kayaking
V ANAND Published 1320 days ago
This was a fantastic experience for me, my wife and our 7 year old daughter. We Loved it ! And highly recommend this to families with good and meaningful outdoor activities in mind. Our instructor ; Kenneth, was an extremely professional guide and trainer. Never knew so much about our Singapore Pulau Ubin mangroves and wildlife. Thank you!
Review for: Nature Kayaking
s Published 2357 days ago
I wasn't too sure what to expect from the half-day kayaking trip around Pulau Ubin but it turned out to be a fantastic experience! The guide, Rongxin, was very professional. He was knowledgeable and I felt safe throughout the trip. What I like most about the trip was that we managed to get up close to nature and see a different side of Singapore that I've never known. I didn't feel totally tired out after the expedition and Secsea has good amenities for me to freshen up after the trip. Although I didn't know the other members of the expedition, I felt the nature of the trip and the guide's ability to bring the whole group together made the kayaking fun. I definitely recommend this trip to couples, groups of friends and families who want to enjoy a sporting event together in the midst of nature.
Review for: Nature Kayaking
Beaunice Published 33 days ago
Great getaway from the city life and lovely day out spent in the nature. The pacing of the programme was comfortable for beginners paddlers like us and our guide (Lye) gave us good tips and advices on how to effectively manoeuvre our kayak through the waters. (+ Ensures you are well hydrated from point to point) Due to Covid measures imposed at the moment, the kayaking groups were also kept small. Lye engages us with stories of Pulau Ubin and insights on mangroves/human impacts on the environment/etc. Really appreciate the pre-kayak brief provided by Asian Detours too. (Which actually went to the spam folder in my email. However, they were very patient in explaining how to get to Pulau Ubin and details of my booking when I gave them a call the day before the trip.) The brief gave us detailed information with regards to the trip, so we were properly-prepared with the correct attire/expectations/things to bring. Would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a fulfilling off-day, where you can spent in the serene waters of Pulau Ubin! Prepare lots of sunblock though!
Review for: Nature Kayaking
Yee Hong Published 119 days ago
Our guide, Lye was patient and caring towards all of us and constantly made sure we were okay throughout. Even spotted a monitor lizard in the mangroves. The currents during the journey back were choppy but it was a great experience nevertheless! We were lucky to get a great guide, thank you Lye for the great experience! :)
Review for: Nature Kayaking
Sze Wei Published 222 days ago
Nice experience. Guide finds opportunity to share as much knowledge as he can find along the way, yet at the same time, gives us time to enjoy the scenery. Only thing that may be tough is that you have to carry the kayak to the sea from House 34 and back. Although short distance, can be tiring especially when coming back. The guide does try to help.

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