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Penghu Sailing or Sunset Dinner Experience

4.9 45 reviews | 700+ Booked
Ahoy, matey! Get to be the captain of a ship (okay, not really 'the captain' because he'll be there traveling with you - but it's free to dream) for a day when you take the luxurious France Lagoon 380 out to sea for a sailing excursion around Penghu. Meet up at the port at your designated meeting time, and then off to sea you go! Don't worry, for those of you who have never sailed before, you'll get a brief introduction on sailing before you can finally take the helm and explore the open seas. You'll have over 90 minutes of free time to sail, snorkel or dive - the choice is yours. After an exciting day of ocean activities, treat yourself to some dessert and refreshments on board the boat, before relaxing for the rest of your ride back to port!
US$ 89.15
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South Penghu Marine National Park Tour

4.9 321 reviews | 3K+ Booked
US$ 114.09
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What people are saying about Snorkeling in Penghu

Tsungchi Published 81 days ago
Don’t look at it for a slightly higher price. It’s really a worthwhile journey. What you see with your eyes is exactly the same as the photos on the website, not cheating! ! When gathering, the coach will first explain the day’s itinerary and the surrounding scenic spots on the boat. Before each itinerary, we will remind us again and again about the items we need to bring with the itinerary. We will not encounter the dilemma of wanting to take pictures but forgetting to bring our mobile phone. It won't let us accidentally carry extra stuff when we want to go into the water. In the water, the coach will carefully help us to take pictures individually, and will not take a few photos in a hurry, and will not be greedy to ask us to be in the mirror with strangers in the same group. Don’t be afraid that we will miss out and leave memories without a waterproof camera. time. One thing that is very thoughtful but not specified on the itinerary, the mouthpiece of the snorkel is brand new! ! The mouthpiece you used will be taken home by yourself. In the future, you can disassemble and use it when you participate in other snorkeling trips. You are not afraid to share the mouthpiece with a bunch of people. XDD (I think the industry can update the information that provides a new mouthpiece, otherwise Many people buy new snorkels and take them with them.)
Caiyu Published 395 days ago
Buying this activity will not disappoint you. If you think the cost is too expensive, then close your eyes and click on the purchase; the water activities (water skiing, rock spaceship, diving, hundred) of this trip Zhan Yusheng) I'm really not afraid of you playing, I'm afraid you're not playing! ! Plus waiting for you to see the underwater world of the Four Islands National Park in the South, you will definitely feel like you earn it like me. If you are a good player during snorkeling, as long as you are within the line of sight of your team’s coach, then you can You can swim freely. If you don’t know how to swim and you need someone to lead you, you don’t have to worry about the coach not paying attention to you, because there are usually five or six people in a small team, and the coach will always care about everyone’s situation, so that people can feel at ease. The seabed is rich in ecology; when landing on the uninhabited island, the coach will also explain the ecological environment, marine life and the creatures that can be touched to everyone, and will also provide small fish for everyone to feed seabirds; Don’t worry, the lunch at noon is very rich. After the snorkeling in the afternoon, there are also specialty snacks from Penghu prepared for everyone. Finally, I call on you to avoid using sunscreen as much as possible to maintain the beautiful coral reef ecology. Instead, use cold clothes and long-sleeved clothes for physical sun protection.
Chiaju Published 401 days ago
The whole is a high-quality itinerary, and the seabed scenery and services are first-class. 1. Snorkeling: In addition to taking care of people who are afraid of water, guests who want to swim on their own are also given great freedom, but even their own The swimmer, the coach is still observing whether it is in sight, if it deviates too far, it will be reminded in time, and it is very safe. 2. Water activities: depending on personal preference, there are a mild version and a hell version 3. Boarding on the uninhabited island -Turban Island, you can see the marine life left in the cave at low tide, you can see the money eel, anemone and clown fish, various crabs at a close distance, which is different from the general intertidal belt itinerary. 4. The lunch arrangement is very delicate, the end The previous dim sum is the Wantai brown sugar cake peanut crisp and salty cake. 5. Photography: The coaches take the initiative to take photos for the group members. After two days of photos, they will get a photo link on Facebook or IG, and they will get a photo link. You don’t have to worry about your photos being published or you have to choose your own photos. Regardless of the contact before the trip, the arrangement of the trip and the services provided are very attentive. There are about 50 participants on the day, but there are about ten coaches on site. Each coach carefully takes its own responsible guests, and there is no The service quality is reduced because of the large number of people. The coaches of this group are very young, lively and professional (water activities and various marine life). They are very friendly and caring for guests of all ages. They can also feel the team’s love for the marine environment and always remind not to rub the sun. If the winter clothes are wrapped, they won't be exposed to the sun, and don't kick the coral when your feet are put away. When I signed up, I was very distressed. The tour fee was more than 3,000 yuan, and I felt that it was worth the money.
Yu Ping Published 406 days ago
I didn't feel snorkeling in Penghu. After I went there, I completely pushed it. First, the little helper will give a full warm reminder before the trip. It will not be adjusted because of the changes in the weather and tide. The smoothness of the field control is very good. Full of patience with children This is the first recommendation, let the son have a very good experience on the first snorkeling (thank you Azhong coach), the coral reef ecology of the Southern Four Islands National Park is completely regarded as Taiwan’s NO.1, good luck that day I experienced the turban zone of Turban Island, I heard that this place is difficult to land, but there are super captains, and the Chinese food is also very good. Afterwards, the customized water activities are full, and the whole itinerary is comfortable and not compact The service staff have their own professions and are full of enthusiasm and fun. The ships are also petrol ships and do not stink. The full score of the entire Penghu trip is increased. Don’t go to know Penghu. The CP value of this trip is indescribable. The full score is 💯 because such a child If you want to stay in Penghu and don't go home, you will have to find friends next time! (Real personal experience)
Yi Yun Published 633 days ago
It belongs to the Wuhu trip, the unit price is higher, but the coach group gathers from 8:00 in the morning to explain the trip to the sea, and the intimate preparation of the powerful motion sickness medicine, so that we are not seasick and uncomfortable all day long, the whole trip is rich and varied, and full, It was the first time in a four-person trip to Penghu, the happiest day of fun, with a memorable and memorable memory, back to the port is almost 7 o'clock in the evening. It is recommended to sit on the bow and blow the sea breeze and enjoy the invincible seascape. The mood is really forgetful and not easy to get seasick. After arriving at the offshore platform, the two groups will snorkel and win the game. The passers-by can draw the prize, and the son is the first to be brave. Actually, let him get the jackpot (you can play this trip once again!! Free entertainment 😆 😆), snorkeling can see a variety of beautiful creatures in the ocean, corals, seas participate in sea fish, after boarding The coach is more prepared to prepare hot ginger tea and ice cactus juice. After lunch, he will board the uninhabited island. The coach will take you to see the island's devil sea urchins and ecological pool, but the reef is slippery and slippery. Be careful and slow, this is a recommended trip. It is necessary to experience it once in life. The two children have a very happy time to snorkel for the first time. Thank you for the heart of the coaching staff. Beautiful Lake Biwa ~ I look forward to seeing you again!
PO AN Published 770 days ago
I am a countryman. I came to Wuhu for the first time. Although the unit price of the trip is more expensive than others, it is worth recommending! Before going on board, I will explain the process of today's itinerary. The road along the way will explain the islands and buildings on the left side of the left side. (You can bring your own shallow water camera, the boat rent is 700.) First, you will go straight to the offshore platform (if you will get seasick) I can go to the bow and sit.) After that, I will distribute cold clothes, shallow water equipment, life jackets and coaches. I have myopia, there are free goggles for myopia on the boat, or I can wear my own contact lenses. safe. Then, in 2 groups, 1 group, play water activities/Hundreds of Wars, 1 group teaches how to snorkel (it is very safe), the water is very clear and then the time to 2 groups to exchange activities due to bad weather in the afternoon, the first time in the morning After the water practice, all the people directly took the boat to the second real place to snorkel. The water has always been very clear and the coach will also pull everyone to visit and explain the sea creatures (see what will be taken to touch or see) I will also go to the uninhabited island to feed the seabirds and return to the sea platform after the introduction. I will have lunch and drink to supplement the physical and environmental problems. I will bring my own bottle or cup of beverage (sweet and salt). After a little rest after lunch, I will pull the boat through the manpower. Next to the island, float on the island, take shells, take a photo of the net, and then finally return to the boat to play water activities: You can have a diving from the 2nd floor or a surfboard to the boat or a banana inflatable boat or want to go on. Snorkeling can also be oh, finally return to the Magong South Sea Visitor Center. Feeling: We need everyone to protect this land together, to be grateful and moral. Don't litter, don't use shampoo shower gel

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