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Art lovers in Tainan shouldn't miss the opportunity to visit the Chimei Museum, particularly if they're aficionados of Western Art. Recently reopened in 2015, this museum houses an incredible 4,000 items of Western art. These include paintings, musical instruments, armor, animal taxidermy and more! The ticket to the permanent exhibition gives you access to the areas of the museum that holds its carefully curated selection of items that will reside in its halls indefinitely. You can rent reference materials to get background information about each piece within the collection, learn more about the artist who created it, and how it found its way into the museum. This is the perfect place to visit with the whole family to spend the day being immersed in learning and beautiful art!
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Tainan City Zuojhen Fossil Park

4.8 570 reviews | 5K+ Booked
US$ 3.59
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Tainan Art Museum Admission Ticket

4.9 400 reviews | 4K+ Booked
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US$ 4.29
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Teyang Navy Destroyer Museum Ticket in Tainan

4.8 318 reviews | 2K+ Booked
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Relax and enjoy a therapeutic experience at the Guangzeling Hot Spring, one of Taiwan's four main hot springs. Rather than the water springs seen in the rest of the country, Guangzeling Hot Spring is famous for its mud hot spring, a rare occurrence. Rich in minerals, the mud will leave your skin looking radiant and smooth. You will also visit Wusanto Reservoir, famed for its azure blue waters and the cherry blossom, where you can take a walk around and view over a hundred small islets that are dotted all over the reservoir. Lastly you will witness the epic sceneries offered at Taiwan's largest alluvial plain, Chianan Plain, with lush greenery spread across miles.
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Taiwan Salt Museum Ticket

4.5 51 reviews | 500+ Booked
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Taiwan Warship Museum Admission Ticket

4.5 23 reviews | 300+ Booked
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ShueiJiaoShe Cultural Park Admission Ticket

4.6 21 reviews | 200+ Booked
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What people are saying about Museums in Tainan

Sze Ching Jeffrey Published 578 days ago
I’ve been to dozens of museums around the world and this is one of the best - surprising given its location. The building itself is a gorgeous looking monument, basically a palace. The gardens are also beautifully designed. The collection is also surprisingly great and all items were maintained very well. The presentation and explanations were also informative and creative. Really a must visit when in Tainan.
IVY JULIENNE Published 624 days ago
The museum was very big inside and outside. Roaming it will take around 3-5 hours. The collections were really good. Also, the Apollo fountain and the bridge were great. It was a wonderful experience. I recommend this place. It was worth visiting. I arrived in Taipei but I really placed one of my days to go to Tainan for this, and it did not disappoint. This is definitely one of the best museums in Asia.
Ada Published 216 days ago
The Chimei Museum is a wonderful attraction to visit and it is best to reserve a half day to enjoy everything that it has to offer. The parking isn’t free (too bad), but there were many parking spots and it was very close to the fountain area. We arrived around 1:30pm and there were a few small groups of high school students on a field trip. The surrounding of the Chimei Museum has a lot of offer as well, but we didn’t have enough time to enjoy it. It’s a huge park with a pond. You could basically spend a whole day here if you enjoy the outside as well! The ticket exchange was quick. I would recommend getting your tickets at KLOOK.
PENGFEN Published 238 days ago
Because the child’s school holiday makes up for the holiday, I choose to go on Monday and buy a ticket from Klook on the same day. You can exchange your ticket for admission by just showing the QR Code at the museum. The introduction of the Chi Mei Museum reads: Chi Mei Museum provides an experience of "the wonder of civilization and the beauty of art". And this quote from Mr. Xu Wenlong, the founder of Chi Mei Group: Taiwan's cultural revival started in Tainan; Tainan's cultural revival started from Chi Mei. It is the pride of Tainan people that Tainan has such amazing and moving cultural assets. I hope everyone will appreciate it if they have the opportunity. "These cultural relics are treasures of world culture and the assets of Taiwanese. We are only temporary custodians and will be passed on from generation to generation in the future." Founder Xu positioned the development mission of the Chi Mei Cultural Foundation. Promoting "music that you can understand and paintings that you can understand" are two of Xu Wenlong's expectations for the Chi Mei Cultural Foundation. Under this concept, the Western paintings and sculptures in the Chi Mei Museum are almost "representative". In addition, they also used world-famous songs that everyone is familiar with as their repertoire, and held 10 tours in Taiwan. Classical Concert". Xu Wenlong said that not only art but also the popularization of music should start with appreciation. Therefore, the paintings he buys are generally understood by children, and the concerts are also understood by children. Xu Wenlong believes that through such nurturing, we can gradually cultivate more people who appreciate and love world famous paintings and music.
Ying tsung Published 246 days ago
*Enter promo code QL687Y and get a discount of 100 yuan. * Bring two-year-old and four-year-old children to the Chi Mei Museum. The parking lot is charged at 60 yuan. Many people have picnics on the outdoor turf, and the sound quality of outdoor music is very good. The permanent exhibition is 200 yuan for people over seven years old (there is also a discount ticket on site), and there are six exhibition areas: Art Hall, Rodin Hall, Musical Instrument Hall, Musical Instrument Hall (Violin Exhibition Area), Weapon Hall, Animal Hall and Sculpture Avenue. Arrived at 10:30 in the morning and left at 2:30 in the morning. Today I only saw the animal hall and the musical instrument hall. The children are out of power. Next time, I will come to other exhibition areas! The musical instrument hall is very good. NSO players introduce various musical instruments, developments, timbres, etc. They will also play different music for about five minutes on the hour. We heard the second movement of Beethoven’s seventh symphony and saw different instruments up close. Take a break and cooperate to make the music more concrete, which is quite suitable for children to learn about musical instruments! In addition, I participated in an automatic musical instrument performance, which lasted about 20 minutes, and an additional fee of 50 yuan per person over three years old. They are all antique instruments. Usually, I can only see static displays. I am lucky to be able to see the performance. Just before leaving, I met the Baroque Soloist Orchestra in the hall for an hour of flash performance, very beautiful melody! Thank you very much for Mr. Xu Wenlong's selflessness, so that the public can have such a beautiful museum! *Enter the discount code QL687Y and get a discount of 100 yuan *
SHIN YUAN Published 276 days ago
I have been very interested in Tainan Chi Mei Museum before, at least now it is not as difficult to visit as before. I used to make appointments and there was a daily limit on the number of people. Now I feel that the heat is almost over. It is easy to visit after booking online. Up. An ancient dog visited the Chi Mei Museum, which was founded by Xu Wenlong, the founder of Chi Mei Industry, and is the most abundant private museum and art gallery in Taiwan. Moreover, the collection of the museum is mainly collection of Western art, and there are four major areas of art, musical instruments, weapons and natural history on display. In the field of musical instruments, it has the world's largest collection of violin, including masterpieces by major luthiers in the world. In terms of art, the most complete collection of Western paintings and sculptures in Taiwan, the goal is to construct a basic Western art history. The first time I visited was the bridge at the entrance and the fountain with the statue of the sun god Apollo. It would make people wow~~ It feels very magnificent!! The exterior of the building is all pure white. There is a sense of being out of the country of the European palace, and I found that people here will dress up specially, and there is an illusion of rising temperament when they walk in, and we bought tickets for the permanent exhibition + special exhibition this time, and I feel very It’s worth it. If you walk around and take a closer look, you can basically spend a whole day here. The permanent exhibition has already made people feel amazing collections. Unexpectedly, this special exhibition is also very fun. In addition to watching, you can also interact. For Taiwanese people personally feel that they must visit a place, it will make people feel that there are high-quality private museums in Taiwan, and personally feel that there is really no exhibition hall of public institutions in Taiwan that can match it.

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