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Bamboo Thai Cooking Class

4.9 29 reviews | 1K+ Booked
Test your skills in the kitchen and learn how to cook authentic Thai cuisine with this fun, small-group cooking class in Hua Hin! Simply schedule your class at least 24 hours in advance and select your preferred menu on the Klook website/app, and you're good to go. Meet up with your tour group at Hua Hin Clock Tower, positioned in the middle of town, then proceed to your classroom just a few minutes away by wagon. When you arrive at the classroom, you'll get to spend a few moments to relax and get comfortable with a cup of hot coffee or tea. Set up your station and learn all the secrets to choosing the best ingredients for your menu, and once this brief introduction is over, you'll finally get to start cooking! Get detailed, step-by-step instructions from a professional chef as you prepare authentic Thai dishes with your own two hands, including some of the most popular ones like Tom Kha Gai (Thai Chicken Coconut Soup) and Gai Hor Bai Toey (Thai Chicken In Pandan Leaves.) You'll also get to make authentic Thai curry, using the signature blend of spices that give it its distinct flavors! Share a meal with your classmates and try each other's savory dishes, before you start making a delicious and refreshing dessert - Khao Neow Ma Muang (Sticky Rice with Mango) or Crispy Ruby, either of which are sure to cap off your meal perfectly! After class, enjoy a few moments of cheerful conversation with your instructor and your classmates, before you head back to Hua Hin Clock Tower with a full stomach and your very own recipe book.
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Thai Cooking Course Hua Hin

4.9 126 reviews | 1K+ Booked
Thai food is experiencing a wave of global appreciation, so you can take the time in Hua Hin to learn how to cook delicious, authentic Thai food for yourself! This cooking course has been consistently rated as the best that Hua Hin has to offer, and you’ll enjoy not only cooking the food, but in understanding the nuances and tastes that make up Thai food itself. You will be able to go on a market tour with your expert instructors so you’ll learn how to select the very ingredients that you will use for your lesson. Then you’ll be able to head off and start cooking. You can choose from three different full course sets that teaches you four dishes: two entrees, one side, and a dessert. You’ll be given a recipe book, a certificate and even refreshments! But most of all, you’ll be able to taste your own creations and be able to take some home to share. This is an opportunity to learn valuable cooking skills sure to be a hit back home!
US$ 29.89
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What people are saying about Cooking Classes in Hua Hin

Eve Published 578 days ago
An excellent day. The 100 year old market experience was fascinating. Had no idea this place existed and definitely going back to explore. The course was well run and fun. Would definitely recommend as a must for your trip to Hua Hin. I’ve never participated in something like this before so a bit apprehensive but it was great.
Kai Wei Published 649 days ago
The teacher is a very detailed and graceful lady. Her husband is a nice gentleman to support her business . We had a great time joining the cooking class. It was interesting that another guest and I were born on the same day(10/17)Ms. Anya prepared some Thai snacks for us, and it’s very kind of her. If you visit Hua Hin, please do not miss this superb cooking class!
Siok Hwee Published 949 days ago
Anya is really the most passionate and lovely teacher I have met. She was very patient, makes little jokes to make the lesson fun & lively. This is a must do activity while u are in Hua Hin as u Get to learn not only On cooking central Thai food, u learn about different herbs as she has a garden of herbs she grows! 😊. Food was really amazing & easy to cook too! What I love about this is everyone cooks their own food step by step unless some classes, u only watch how it is being done. Also I don't like induction cookers as they don't bring out real flavours so I love that this is traditional stove top cooking. Real knife, real cooking, taught slowly so anyone can cook. One of the participants was only 9 years old. My Boyfriend loves the class too. We will definitely sign up again when I am next in Hua Hin. By the way, Anya speaks fluent English as she lived in Sydney for 10yrs, so language is no barrier if u are worried. Best cooking class ever! U will not regret signing up! They have 2 lovely cats too in the garden that are friendly but never disturbs u while u cooking or eating or walking around so don't worry if u are afraid of cats. They let u pet them only if u love them. Otherwise they don't bother u or come rubbing ur legs etc. ❤
Yuen Wa Cindy Published 991 days ago
What an amazing and relaxing morning/noon acitivity with family and friends! Love the surroundings a lot and got welcome by the lovely cats Tofu and Gradfield! Thank you for Anya and her husband the warmest hospitality that allows us to experience the passion of cooking and the local experience in Hua Hin! We will definitely come back again!
SA Published 574 days ago
Very well arranged and informative tour. The market was good , and the kitchen where we prepared food was very clean and the whole setup is very nice. I thought the Tom Yum recipe was slight different as the one we had in other parts of Thailand had more intense flavors. Enjoyed the overall experience.
Kin Wai Bradford Published 581 days ago
Anya was an amazing and passionate person who made deliciously complex Thai dishes effortless to learn, dissect and cook. Her exploding enthusiasm for plants and herbs shared with us during garden-sharing session injected meaning and appreciation in to the dishes we prepared. This is a highly recommended class I would recommend to all!

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