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Puerto Princesa City Bay Cruise

5.0 2 reviews | 600+ Booked
See Puerto Princesa at its most natural with this tour of the city bay! Witness a stunning view of Palawan's sunrise/sunset as you take a boat ride across Puerto Princesa City Bay. Meet people from the Badjao Tribe, a community of sea nomads who live in house boats called vintas, where you’ll be able to watch their daily tasks such as traditional fishing, gleaning shells and diving for pearls. This is followed by a stop to the mangrove trees in the area, where you can learn about their importance in protecting Palawan from environmental disasters and maintaning the aquatic ecosystem. Lastly, you'll also get to visit a research facility for grouper fish, where you can learn about their sea-ranching program as well as take a boat up Iwahig River. This tour is perfect mix of sightseeing and learning about Palawan!
US$ 37.85
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Honda Bay Island Hopping Tour

4.6 966 reviews | 10K+ Booked
Honda Bay is the place to be when looking for some fun in the sun, sand, and sea in Palawan. Get your day started bright and early, and head off for Luli Island. Play along the long, flag-decorated sandbar and dip your feet in the waves! Head for Cowrie Island for a picnic lunch, some fun watersports and more, from banana boats to kayaks. But the best is saved for lunch at Starfish Island where you might get to see hundreds of starfish just beneath the waves, littering the beach in the tide. This tour will give you the chance to play in the sun all day, go snorkeling and see beautiful underwater gardens! Play watersports, discover underwater wonders, make memories and more!
US$ 34.85
US$ 29.89
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Firefly Watching in Puerto Princesa

4.0 504 reviews | 6K+ Booked
The fireflies of Puerto Princesa are famous for being a breathtaking spectacle. This tour will get you right up close to this amazing natural wonder. You'll be able to enjoy a delicious buffet dinner before you climb aboard a boat and set off on the Iwahig River. As dusk falls and darkness settles, the light show of the fireflies begin. It is only in Southeast Asia where fireflies glow in unison; they are a repeating, glowing beat, as seen through the mangrove trees. The whole queue of mangroves and trees will be lit with flashing fireflies, glowing together, and so distinct that it is said that in these parts of the world, fishermen use them as a form of guiding system to find their way in the darkness of the night. Don't miss the chance to see these breathtaking wonders when you head to Puerto Princesa!
US$ 23.89
US$ 21.90
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Coron Tour C

4.2 232 reviews | 3K+ Booked
Seas the day and enjoy the beach life in this day tour of Coron's beaches, where you'll get to explore three of Coron's most beautiful beaches in just one day! Start your day off with a boat ride to Malcapuya Island, where you'll enjoy the panoramic views of coastal cliffs as you make your way. Once you arrive, you'll have a couple of hours to explore the secluded beach, including its powdery sands and crystal clear waters, before enjoying a quiet picnic lunch that will refresh and reenergize you for the rest of the day! You'll then travel to Banana Island, a garden-sculpted island named after its shape if seen from above. Here you can relax under the beach's shady trees and enjoy swimming in the cool waters as fish swarm all around you! End the tour with a stop at Bulog Dos Island, where you'll get to walk on its sand bar and admire the stunning surrounding tropical views, including the most expensive and exclusive resort in Coron.
US$ 52.29
US$ 50.39
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What people are saying about Cruises in Palawan

Cheryl Published 532 days ago
Booking with Klook is such a breeze. We were picked up from our hotel on time to join others who are equally eager to spend the day on one of the prettiest beach in Palawan. The short ride to the wharf was okay. And we were directed to our pump boat that took us to the islands.A nice lunch was waiting for us in one of our stop over.We arrived back to the hotel on time too. Thanks klook.
Gerald Michael Published 540 days ago
Fun day of island hopping. Honda Bay is a great place to see and try all the activities it offers. First we stopped at Starfish Island. It is beautiful! We were one of the first boats to get there, so it wasn't busy at all. The sun was perfect and we found some starfish which made my day.Overall, Honda Bay is a nice bay with lovely islands, you must visit some of them if you are in Puerto Princessa/Palawan.
Millicent Published 560 days ago
Worth it!!! The beaches are pristine, and the waters are so blue! Our guide, Catherine, told us that the weather in Palawan is usually sunny, perfect beach weather. I particularly liked Cowrie Island as the sand there was white and fine, almost like in Boracay. The buffet is also served in Cowrie, and the time to swim and explore is much longer there than in the other islands we visited. As a tip, bring your own aqua shoes, as they are mandatory. But we stopped by a rental place where they rent aqua shoes, snorkeling masks and goggles. Our Klook tour group was also prompt, so we got to ride the boat earlier because when we arrived at the wharf, there was not a lot of tourists. Because of this, we got to enjoy the beach for a longer period without other people.
Rowena Published 588 days ago
 It was well organised and would recommend to anyone. The best thing about the tour was Guide RED who helped us and take us to the 3 beautiful islands of Palawan, Starfish, Luli, Cowrie in a very caring way. He is excellent, knowledgeable, caring to keep us with the pace. Overall it was very comfortable and we enjoyed the tour especially my son. Just don't forget to bring aqua shoes and snorkle for fish feeding.. Or you may rent at 350..It was really fun and enjoyable seeing different fishes in the ocean even we are non swimmers, thank u too to the boat man for being our photographer and keeping us safe.. Thank you Klook..
Allyssa Mae Published 625 days ago
It was a blast experience indeed despite of the bad weather! Our tour guide, Sir Lean, from Wild Expeditions Palawan was very informative and has a great humor which made our journey complete. He always ensure that we are safe at the same time enjoying the whole tour. Unfortunately, we didnt get to go to Starfish Island due to the inclement weather but it was fun at the Pambato Reef. Feeding the fishes and all that stuff. In Luli Island, we took a lot of photos and enjoyed the view. And lastly, the Cowrie Island.... the sea spectacular!! Enjoyed the buffet lunch cause they serve a lot of food varieties and believe me all of them are sooo good!! Hope to be back soon so we can visit the rest of the Islands of Honda Bay! ❤️
Jerlyn Published 641 days ago
The tour was fun and amazing. The tour guide, Ms. Dayna, was very informative, accommodating and helpful. The travel was smooth, thanks to the good weather. The bangkeros is equally kind and helpful as with the tour guide. Also would like to thank for the sumptuous lunch, it was delicious. Everyone is commendable with how they treat tourists, including us. I will definitely endorse this to my family, friends and colleagues, if they are planning to visit Puerto Princesa Palawan.

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