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It’s hard not to picture the Kingdom of Bhutan as ‘Shangri-La’, the mythical Himalayan paradise. One look at its mystical fortress-like monasteries (dzongs), sprawling forests and glaciers, scenic trek trails that lead to the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas, and Buddhist architecture will have you convinced that you’re in the world’s last utopia. The country’s purity is a cultural experience that only a few can afford, but a worthy investment once you meet the saffron-robed monks of Paro Taktsang and Punakha Dzong in Thimpu. Here, you'll learn the true meaning of contentment as you interact with locals that live life simply. Sit back, relax, and revitalize your spirit in Bhutan!

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    Bhutanese Ngultrum

    1USD = 74.09BTN

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    • JUL - NOV

      Haa Summer Festival

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