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Hoi An Cultural Experience 2021

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Why people love Hoi An

Xi Yu
Published 381 days ago
This is a very comfortable Ao Dai experience~ There are many styles of Ao Dai, and the key points will provide suggestions for you to choose the right Ao Dai clothes. Girls with different sizes can also find a beautiful Ao Dai Vietnamese traditional talking hat. Provide choice (then put Ao Dai in the restaurant and they will come to collect it~) Someone contacted me beforehand~ I knew that was the boss^^ The boss knew that he was also traveling to Taiwan and Japan when doing business. The help confirmed that I also booked another itinerary for them and came to Hoi An to have such a one-stop experience. It’s really great. The point is ~~ Happy and comfortable. The passion is really moving.
Published 252 days ago
The guide and driver were friendly and the program structure was good. The number of people is about 10 people, and they are different because they are of various nationalities and groups. After hearing the explanation of the ingredients in the market, I went by boat and proceeded with the cooking class on a basket boat, and it became dark and I changed my destination in a hurry. It was great because there were many opportunities to participate in addition to the cooking class, such as having ingredients one by one, making rice paper yourself. The basket boat was also very noisy with other companies, but these tour operators were moderately fun. After cooking class, give me recipe book and long chopsticks haha

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