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Why people love Taitung

Published 400 days ago
What is inadequate is that I originally selected the morning dive in the system. After confirming the payment, I received a phone call saying that the amount was full, and only the afternoon period was left. It is recommended that the system update be timely. The overall diving is very satisfactory, the instructor is very good, and also carefully guides the divers, willing to go again. (This dive shop electronic watch is mandatory and must be worn, if not, it will cost 200 yuan to rent)
Published 334 days ago
The coach is very nice and humorous! ! It is a great opportunity to go deep into the tribe and experience the ancient nature. The water is really clean. It is amber in the past. I hope that interested friends can avoid using sunscreen or use a friendly ocean sunscreen to protect the ecology here. And the environment~ (After the event, there will be Ajin to eat!)
Published 307 days ago
We are brought by the Dawu mother-in-law. She knows a lot and is very happy to answer any questions. She doesn't shy away from talking about death and taboos. I heard from the people on the island that it is 50 yuan cheaper to find a certified tribe on the spot, but my mother-in-law said that because they are younger and less aware of the traditional culture, I did ask that young tribes have some cultural gaps, so they should want very senior ones. The guide booked in Klook is more ideal.
Chieh An
Published 253 days ago
A coach with a person is quite safe in terms of safety. During the activity, you will always pay attention to whether everyone’s situation is safe, but it is a pity that there are few photos, probably only 10-15 for four people. After all, it also spends a lot of money to experience it, hope There will be another chance to experience afterwards, so that visitors can have more memories to take home
Ting Yu
Published 182 days ago
Extremely fun! Extremely push! Because it is a stream, it is relatively stable, even if you play stand-up paddle for the first time, you can easily get started. The whole process was relaxed and happy, enjoying the beautiful scenery of Taitung, and relaxing both physically and mentally. The coach also took many photos for everyone. Thank you for your hard work! If you want to sign up for the sea sunrise tour in summer, I will definitely look for you again!
shiao wei
Published 132 days ago
This Klook event cooperated with "Island Diving" instead of "Bay Diving" in the previous reviews. At first, we didn't see clearly (and didn't receive the confirmation letter), so we ran to the wrong venue! The five-star rating of Green Island is that the sea is clean and clear, and the seabed is rich in biodiversity. In addition to seeing many fish and corals, there are also two turtles. It is highly recommended to visit here! ! !

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