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Penghu Outdoor Adventure 2021

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Why people love Penghu

Published 365 days ago
The new experience boating is really fun and easy! The water in Penghu is really beautiful~😍 The coaches are very good at taking pictures and super beautiful! It is worth a big push 👍🏻 But it is also a good idea to float on the sea for two hours. It is recommended to wear a one-piece long-sleeved swimsuit😄😄
Published 353 days ago
Very worthwhile trip! I joined us that day, and there were ten people in total, with two super coaches. A total of four tents were set up in the evening, and the afternoon trip included snorkeling (very beautiful coral reefs, you can also feed fish, push), climb the uninhabited island (simple and easy to climb to the top, watch the beautiful sunset) dinner is to eat barbecue, enough portion, and Cactus sparkling drink! Eating and bathing are all on the floating platform not far from the uninhabited island beach. The environment is very clean and fully equipped. Watching the stars at night is beautiful! (If the weather is good, we will also encounter meteors) The coach will also show us the stars in the sea (called Blue Tears in Matsu, and more like fireflies in the sea in Penghu) Because it is camping, the summer is relatively humid and may sleep not good. But other than that I think everything is great! Very recommended to those who like to enjoy nature comfortably! (The itinerary is not fast, every experience is very comfortable)
Published 173 days ago
Travel date: 2020/08/31 The coaches are all handsome and beautiful, and they are all enthusiastic, lively, humorous and professional. The most worthwhile trip is to snorkel with purple corals in the South Four Islands National Park. It is really super beautiful and super healing. The coaches who took our group are very professional. They took us to the place close to the coral reef to watch (you remember to relax completely Floating on the sea, because if the coach sees that you may be nervous and want to stand up, and may touch the coral reef, he will take you to a less close place for conservation!) We are lucky to see the turtles in Penghu🐢 In addition, sofa surfing and floating boards can adjust the excitement with the coach according to their own ability! Feeding the small fish to the seagulls is also very fun👍 If you don’t eat seafood for the lunch, you can ask it in advance when ordering. It is also good to replace our meal with braised chicken legs! I recommend everyone to experience it! ! !
Published 113 days ago
The scenery of Qimei and Wangan is very beautiful. It is very convenient to rent a scooter to enjoy the scenery and take pictures. Unfortunately, the walrus is not good after noon, and the wind and waves become very big, so I went back to Penghu early, and there was a lot of time to go to the attractions. All go through the shortcomings.

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