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Sitting on the western coast of Ireland is the humble harbour city called Galway, famous for its art and design, historical attractions, and nightlife. Apart from exploring its medieval stone structures, tourists may also hop from pub to pub while they take in the live musical performances and Galway food offerings, like oysters. Any traveler would love to get lost in this small but engaging seaside town. Read on to see the best things to do in Galway!

Spanish Arch

Beside the River Corrib is the Spanish Arch, one of Galway’s historical medieval structures built in the 17th century. The arch is part of the walls that kept invading armies away from the city and has a fascinating story to it that history buffs will definitely enjoy. It is also a scenic location to walk through, seagulls flying over the river. Mornings are a good time to visit to avoid crowds.
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Eyre Square

Eyre Square is a park found in the heart of the city, where both travelers and locals gather to simply hang out and enjoy the fresh air. A lot of commercial establishments are also found nearby, from shopping centers and markets to nice restaurants and accommodations. Because it is so centrally located in Galway, it is a popular place for tourists to stay at.
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Galway Cathedral

Located down Gaol Road is Galway Cathedral, one of the most prominent churches in the city. It is characterized by its bright green dome and its stained glass windows. Built in the 1960s on the site of an old jail, this modern church is said to be one of the last great stone cathedrals constructed in Europe. Visitors will surely be in awe at the size and splendor of it.
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Galway City Museum

Galway City Museum is just right beside the Spanish Arch, so travelers who want to learn more about this destination can head there easily. The museum showcases different aspects of Irish history, from its native artifacts to the prominent wars that had happened on Galway grounds. There is no need to buy tickets as well since entrance is completely free--one of the reasons why it is one of the best Galway tourist attractions.
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