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Taichung Transport & Travel Services 2021

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Why people love Taichung

Published 268 days ago
It is a recommended day trip itinerary, a good choice that does not want to drive by yourself. It also saves the time of taking public transportation to transfer and waiting. The special service can relax and travel. The itinerary can also be communicated and adjusted. It is very flexible. It is for small children and the elderly. The first choice for travel
Published 255 days ago
This time I chose to charter a car back to the restaurant in downtown Taichung for dinner. I feel that it is much more convenient and faster than the passenger transportation. The operator will contact you 1.2 days before the trip and reconfirm before the day of departure. I think it’s very good! A five-person car is practical. It's the size of 8 people, so it's very comfortable~ The driving technique is also very reassuring and good.
Published 241 days ago
The service staff are very enthusiastic to provide suggested routes and weather. They also explain the conditions of the car and various terms very clearly. You can purchase an additional zero-burden insurance for 350 yuan on site. It is a good choice to stay at home while driving. When you pick up the car, you will be informed of the car's condition in detail, and the car is not verbose when returning the car. It is a very good car rental experience, and you will rent again next time you need it.
Published 197 days ago
When you exit Taichung Railway Station, you will see Jianguo Road and turn right for about 20 meters to reach the locomotive shop. It is easy to find. The locomotive shop will provide safety helmets with mats. They are fully hygienic. Raincoats are also provided when it rains. Intimate 👍, it is very convenient to use Klook to make an appointment, and I will repurchase next time
Ya Fen
Published 167 days ago
As soon as I booked the Sun Moon Lake to Taichung High-speed Railway, I quickly received notifications and contact information from the industry. The driver is very professional, because the roads in Sun Moon Lake are still controlled on Sunday morning, the driver will always call to inform the arrival time. The driving is very flat, our family 6 Everyone sleeps for the entire ride. I really recommend it!
Published 48 days ago
I took the shared ride from Taichung High Speed Rail to Sun Moon Lake. I was worried that the number of people would be canceled. Fortunately, the trip would go smoothly. The driver's eldest brother, Mr. Wu Yixin, is very professional. In addition to impeccable passenger service, he also acts as our guide along the way. Reading, he mentioned that even if there is only one customer, he will depart for the ride! Recommend Klook's high-speed rail Sun Moon Lake shared ride with this driver.

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