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Kenting Water Activities 2021

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Why people love Kenting

Published 217 days ago
The check-in desk is opposite to South Bay 711. It is very easy to find water activities. You can also ask the instructor to play a bit more exciting or not to overturn the boat. Buy the activity package and the umbrella can be used. Listen to the guests next to you. It costs 300 yuan to rent a combination. A very pleasant experience
Published 186 days ago
Really super fun! The coaches are very cute~ and I met a group of very interesting people, it feels like everyone just played together and made many friends! Awesome~ Experience a lot of different activities, board the boat to rest and eat when you are tired~ Finally there is a bottle of beer 🍻 awesome! Big push ❤️
Published 123 days ago
In terms of overall cost performance, it is a great water experience activity. Don’t worry about the instructor not taking care of the students. Canoeing and snorkeling can be a complete experience. The instructor is very enthusiastic and introduces in detail whether it is actions or island landscapes. The chance of getting to sea turtles is also very high!
Published 81 days ago
The coach is very kind and the Aquaman is very fun. It is recommended to play at sunset, you can watch the sunset while playing in the sea, it is very romantic. The coach asked the five of us to line up and help us take a group photo. It's really hard to line up, but when the final task is reached, it feels very fulfilling. You must not miss the Aquaman when you come to Xiaoliuqiu! I think Aquaman is the best water activity 🥰
Jian yue
Published 39 days ago
The long-distance kayak is quite suitable for novices, because the coach will give you a lot of time to rest 🤣 will also help take pictures, but it is a pity that we set off with another group for short-distance trips, but their locomotive keys are on our coach, so we had to halfway Going ashore and waiting for them to get the keys, I actually want to stay at sea to train my biceps~~
Published 34 days ago
Even the fake Xiaoliuqiu is terrible. Coach Aken explained carefully before the trip, but there are really too many fakes, a little busy, it's really hard, but the weather is good, and I caught up with the sunset, and patted it hard. It’s the right time to take pictures. On holidays with a lot of people, it is recommended to bring your own waterproof filming equipment, otherwise you have to stick to the coach to take more pictures.

Popular Water Activities in Kenting

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