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Hong Kong Cultural Experience 2021

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Why people love Hong Kong

Published 357 days ago
It was a very pleasant experience. The boss is also kind and skillful, so he takes care of everything from makeup to hair and photography. I also liked the final style. And you send me pictures quickly! It was filmed on the 1st and sent immediately on the 3rd. It is recommended to make memories for those who come to Hong Kong. If the boss ever saw it, thanks to him, I had a good time. Thank you♡
Published 263 days ago
Very special event/workshop. The day before the event, the meeting time and location will be mentioned on WhatsApp, which is very intimate! When the fishing raft arrived, the activity staff explained in detail and carefully. They opened the mussels and picked up the pearls by themselves. I felt very successful. The surrounding environment of the fishing raft is very beautiful! After the event, you can also go to the food shopping street in downtown Saigon, a very fulfilling weekend!
Published 241 days ago
The instructor is really patient and will help solve the problem. At the beginning, the process is not good. The finished product will not be pretty. It is unexpected and pretty (the instructor will help adjust the modification) 🤩 Also see the passion of the place. In this environment, you will be invested in making a ring that belongs to yourself and your partner. It is a fun and unforgettable experience. If you have a chance, you will definitely come back and recommend it to friends☺️
Published 170 days ago
The instructor is so careful to teach step by step, not afraid that beginners are difficult to get started, and there are many styles that can be selected for fun. Except for the expansion of the incense stone course, I see that there are other types of workshop products. I have the opportunity to try another advanced workshop.
Yuen Yi
Published 143 days ago
It's worth recommending both activities! Before the event, the instructor Ali will talk about the history of tattoos. The introduction will use the existing tools. When everyone has a preliminary understanding, they will start to try. Ali will help guide during the process, the effect is very good 👍🏻👍🏻 In addition, the studio environment is all Well being

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