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Why people love Hong Kong

Published 196 days ago
An event that Monopoly fans can't miss. Although there is not much space inside, taking photos and playing games can completely consume an afternoon. In addition, there are discounts for the Peak Tram and the Observation Deck. After you leave, you can go to the Observation Deck to see the night view of Hong Kong. Whether you are a couple, family or friends, you can spend a whole weekend.
Yick Ko Ringo
Published 31 days ago
You can scan the QR code directly at the entrance of the park to enter the Hong Kong Disneyland entrance ticket purchased at Klook, which is very time-saving and convenient. Appreciating the park's re-creation of the Sleeping Princess Castle, I believe that this height and appearance are what fans have in mind. Various Disneyland cartoon characters are always the protagonists, appearing in different attractions in the park, bringing joy and attracting many tourists to take pictures. The adults are very excited! The Lion King Show is worth watching. Have a happy day!
Published 29 days ago
Klook is really convenient, and this time buying a package (ticket + 100 yuan consumption voucher), you can use it in the restaurant or in the store, the price is very attractive! ! I just finished going to Ocean Park and I already want to buy tickets for the next time. Klook is my first choice when buying tickets. ❤️🐧 The restaurant is more delicious than I thought. The antler coral chocolate mousse, fresh fruit tower, and meatball noodles are all It's delicious, I rushed to buy chocolate biscuits with marine animals before 7 o'clock and enjoyed it at home ~ Hong Kong Ocean Park is really fun, it is worth coming again! 👍👍🐬🐡🦈
Sai Yunn
Published 26 days ago
Ngong Ping 360 can enjoy the scenery of Tung Chung to Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, which is very suitable for families. After that, you can walk for 20 minutes to the Heart Sutra Forest. The Tiantan Buddha is under maintenance. After the return journey, you can have a rest with tofu flowers. Ping 360 returns to Tung Chung city center, the whole journey takes about 4 hours to complete.
Published 23 days ago
The price/performance ratio is too high! The three-adult viewing ticket + dining is only 597 Hong Kong dollars, which is worth it! Catch up with the good weather, the scenery is super beautiful! The Waffle and wine in the Above the clouds package are delicious and beautiful. The rainbow cake is so beautiful, not sweet at all, and the taste is excellent! The fly in the ointment is that the attitude of the waiter is average, the coffee with the rainbow cake set did not give us garnish
Chi Wan
Published 20 days ago
Due to the epidemic, staying in Hong Kong for tourism, the top of the mountain is a beautiful spot. This time I visited the Monopoly Hall. The 4D movies and money-picking games are particularly special, and there are also many check-in spots in the hall. In the evening, go up to the skyscraper. The night view of Hong Kong's Peak is really nowhere comparable in the world. Condescendingly, the lights are dazzling and beautiful.

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